Discovering the Best 42-inch Range Hood

Best 42-inch Range Hood

Are you familiar with the pivotal role of a range hood in your kitchen? Or why size matters, particularly when discussing a 42-inch range hood? Buckle up for an enlightening tour of the finest 42-inch range hoods! A range hood plays a silent yet crucial part in maintaining a healthy and comfortable kitchen environment. It works by extracting smoke, grease, and cooking odors, ensuring your kitchen remains fresh and inviting. But what about the size?

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#1 ZLINE (697-42)

ZLINE 42" 697-42

As a specialist in professional range hoods, I would highlight the ZLINE 42″ Professional Ducted Wall Mount Range Hood (697-42) as an exceptional piece. This top-tier unit showcases a sleek stainless steel design that offers both aesthetic appeal and functionality, extending 42 inches wide, 28 inches deep, and 16.4 inches high to deliver superior coverage over your stove. It boasts a 4-speed fan control, providing an impressive airflow range of 280 to 700 CFM, powered by dual squirrel cage motors. Its enhanced depth, while sometimes cited as a minor issue due to occasional head bumps, significantly increases surface area and airflow effectiveness. This model, operating at 110 volts, also offers excellent illumination of your cooking space. Installation is straightforward but requires an extra pair of hands due to the hood’s size. Key features include restaurant-style baffle filters, a timer, and both immediate and timed shut-off options. A minor critique is that some smoke may escape when cooking high-fat foods. Customers applaud the hood’s clean look devoid of visible logos, and although not whisper quiet, its noise levels are not disruptive. Please note, this model must be connected to a duct system and cannot be installed ventless. Overall, the ZLINE 42″ Professional Ducted Wall Mount Range Hood offers a combination of strong performance and aesthetic appeal, solidifying its position as a worthy investment for any home chef seeking a professional kitchen experience.

  • Effective Functioning: The range hood is described as very effective at exhausting cooking fumes.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The product is described as a beautiful eye-catcher in the kitchen, suggesting it has a pleasing design.
  • High customer satisfaction: The overall rating is 4 out of 5 stars, with 62% of reviews being 5 stars.
  • The price is quite high
#2 Broan-NuTone BCSD142SS

Broan-NuTone BCSD142SS

I highly recommend the Broan-NuTone BCSD142SS Glacier 42-inch Under-Cabinet 4-Way Convertible Range Hood. This model is crafted from stainless steel, offering a stylish and practical solution that will enhance any kitchen decor while providing a max blower CFM of 300 for efficient smoke and odor elimination. With its 2-speed exhaust fan, this range hood performs exceptionally well, balancing powerful operation with reduced noise for a serene cooking atmosphere. It’s equipped with a dual-level lighting system that uses up to 50W halogen bulbs (not included), easily controlled by a hidden rocker switch for perfect illumination of your cooking surface. The hood’s 4-way convertible installation permits flexibility in positioning, allowing for both vertical and horizontal ducting or a non-ducted recirculation option. It features one-piece open mesh grease filters that are dishwasher-safe and effectively capture grease, contributing to a clean, sanitary kitchen environment. Users have praised this model for its seamless installation process and reliable performance in various kitchen settings, acknowledging it as a robust, well-constructed appliance that fulfills its promise. Keep in mind that the product requires separate halogen bulbs for the lighting feature, and while installation is generally straightforward, some users have requested clearer instructions. This product comes with a 1-year limited warranty, UL-Listing, and HVI-2100 certification, reflecting its safety and quality standards. Enhance your kitchen’s air quality and culinary experience with the Broan-NuTone BCSD142SS Glacier Range Hood.

  • Good airflow: The range hood has been praised for its good airflow.
  • Quiet: The fan on low speed is reportedly quiet.
  • Versatile: The range hood offers both an exhaust fan and overhead light, offering a complete ventilation solution.
  • Great overall look: Reviewers mention that it has a pleasing aesthetic.
  • Multiple venting options: It provides great options for venting, allowing for flexibility in installation.
  • Complicated instructions: Some customers found the installation instructions to be complex.
#3 IKTCH 42-inch (IKB02-42'')

KTCH 42- IKB02-42

The IKTCH 42-inch Built-in/Insert Range Hood is a modern, stainless steel kitchen appliance that combines functionality and style. Offering both ducted and ductless convertible duct options, this range hood is equipped with a powerful 900 CFM motor to effectively remove smoke and odor from your kitchen.

This sleek kitchen essential features two adjustable lights, providing adequate illumination for your cooking area. The light color temperature is 4000K by default, but there’s an option to get 6000K separately. The hood also has 3 baffle filters, complete with a handlebar for easy handling, promoting a cleaner, healthier cooking environment.

The IKTCH Range Hood measures 18.5″D x 41.73″ W x 13.13″H and comes with special features such as energy-saving capabilities and remote control for easy access. It also introduces a unique gesture-sensing function, adding a modern touch to your kitchen operations.

Designed with user convenience in mind, this range hood is remarkably quiet, with noise levels capped at a maximum of 65 dB. The package includes a remote control, 6″ air outlet, charcoal filter, and installation parts and screws.

Based on customer reviews, this range hood is appreciated for its strong suction, sleek design, and excellent manufacturer support. The gesture function and dimmable lights have also been cited as standout features. However, some users have mentioned that the lights could be brighter.

  • Sleek and powerful design.
  • Excellent manufacturer support and customer service.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Quiet operation at low speed.
  • The price is quite high
#4 ZLINE 42 in.(KL3-42)


The ZLINE 42 in. A convertible Vent Wall Mount Range Hood in Stainless Steel is a popular choice for those who value both style and functionality in their kitchen appliances. With a sleek stainless steel design, this range hood is not only eye-catching but also durable and easy to maintain.

Key features include 400 CFM airflow at the highest speed setting, efficiently drawing large volumes of air away from your cooking area, and reducing smoke and odors. The product dimensions of 42 in. W x 19.1 in. D x 12 in. H allows it to be a versatile fit in many kitchens.

The hood comes with an installation guide and kit, simplifying the setup process. It also offers two stack options for more flexibility. Users have noted the high-quality packaging and protective plastic coverings on all steel parts, ensuring the product arrives in pristine condition.

Despite its robust construction, this ZLINE range hood also delivers on the aesthetic front. Its stainless steel finish complements various kitchen decor styles, and users have reported that it can be kept spotless with a simple wipe-down using baby oil on a microfiber cloth.

Based on customer reviews, this range hood provides great value for its price. Though some users have noted minor difficulties with replacing lights and slight alignment issues with screws on the baffle, the overall consensus is that these potential challenges do not overshadow the product’s strengths. They are expected given its competitive price point.

Many users have praised its strong suction capabilities and overall performance, adding that it greatly improves the kitchen environment during cooking. Its overall customer rating stands at 4.4 out of 5, indicating a high level of satisfaction among users.

For those seeking to enhance their kitchen with a range hood that combines strong functionality, attractive design, and affordable pricing, the ZLINE 42 in. A convertible Vent Wall Mount Range Hood in Stainless Steel is a choice worth considering.

  • Effective Functioning: The range hood is described as very effective at exhausting cooking fumes.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The product is described as a beautiful eye-catcher in the kitchen, suggesting it has a pleasing design.
  • High customer satisfaction: The overall rating is 4 out of 5 stars, with 62% of reviews being 5 stars.
  • The price is quite high
#5 ZLINE 42 in.(KL3CRN-42)


As an expert in range hoods, I can confidently say that the ZLINE 42 in. Convertible Vent Wall Mount Range Hood in Stainless Steel with Crown Molding (KL3CRN-42) delivers high-performance functionality wrapped in an elegant design. With its 4-speed motor, offering between 120 to 400 CFM, it offers efficient, quiet ventilation to effectively purge your kitchen of unwanted odors and smoke. The user-friendly push-button controls provide easy adjustments for fan speed and built-in lighting, promoting convenience during your culinary activities. Its sturdy stainless steel construction exudes a sleek, modern aesthetic while promising durability and resistance to wear. The included dishwasher-safe baffle filters facilitate easy maintenance. With dimensions of 42 in. W x 19.1 in. D x 12 in. H, this range hood can seamlessly fit into any kitchen layout. It also includes two 16-inch telescoping chimney pieces, making it ideal for 8-9 ft. ceilings and an easy-to-follow installation guide. Some customers have reported minor issues, including a noticeable gap between the crown molding and the top chimney piece, lights failing within a year of use, and visible marks where the protective covering ended on the stainless steel front. However, despite these minor drawbacks, this model has been widely commended for its contemporary look, straightforward installation, and competitive price point, making it a favored choice among many homeowners.

  • Effective Functioning: The range hood is described as very effective at exhausting cooking fumes.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The product is described as a beautiful eye-catcher in the kitchen, suggesting it has a pleasing design.
  • High customer satisfaction: The overall rating is 4 out of 5 stars, with 62% of reviews being 5 stars.
  • The price is quite high
#6 IKTCH IKIS02-42


As a professional in the field of range hoods, I can confidently vouch for the IKTCH Upgraded 42″ Island Mount Range Hood as a top-tier, innovative kitchen appliance. This well-received unit boasts a powerful 900 CFM 4-speed fan, ensuring optimal ventilation performance across a variety of cooking situations. Crafted from resilient 1MM-thick stainless steel, it pairs durability and elegance for a lasting aesthetic appeal. Notably, this hood features cutting-edge gesture-sensing technology along with touch control capabilities, reinventing user interaction with kitchen appliances. By simply waving your hand, you can control the fan, introducing a novel and hygienic element to your kitchen. Additionally, the energy-efficient design incorporates LED lights for clear cooktop visibility. The visual design, a brushed stainless steel finish, promises to add sophistication to any kitchen, while noise levels remain impressively low, ranging from a quiet 40 decibels to a maximum of 65 decibels. The package also includes a remote control, a 6″ air outlet, a charcoal filter, installation parts and screws, a user manual, and a 3-prong plug. Despite some user-reported difficulties with the hand gesture operation and perceived vague instructions, customer reviews generally highlight its sleek design, quiet operation, and inventive control features, with special commendations for the responsive customer support team. The manufacturer encourages direct contact for any delivery-related damages for a swift resolution. In summary, the IKTCH Upgraded 42″ Island Mount Range Hood stands as a stylish, effective, and technologically advanced solution for modern kitchen ventilation needs.

  • Effective Functioning: The range hood is described as very effective at exhausting cooking fumes.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The product is described as a beautiful eye-catcher in the kitchen, suggesting it has a pleasing design.
  • High customer satisfaction: The overall rating is 4 out of 5 stars, with 62% of reviews being 5 stars.
  • The price is quite high
#7 KOBE Range Hoods Kobe ISX2142SQB-2 Brillia

Kobe ISX2142SQB-2

As a range hood specialist, I find the KOBE Brillia 42-inch Island Range Hood to be a masterfully designed appliance, offering a powerful yet quiet operation, making it an exemplary addition to any kitchen setting. This stainless steel hood embodies a meticulous blend of efficiency, performance, and aesthetics, enhanced by its 3-speed mechanical push button control offering versatility for diverse culinary needs. The appliance is equipped with an impressively robust 680 CFM internal blower, efficiently extracting smoke, odors, and airborne grease, while maintaining an ultra-quiet environment at 1.0 sone on QuietMode. Its maintenance is simplified by dishwasher-safe baffle filters, adding an element of convenience. Crafted from 20-gauge commercial-grade stainless steel, the hood showcases a seamless, aesthetically pleasing design, blending effortlessly with both traditional and modern kitchen styles. An adjustable duct cover accommodates various ceiling heights, enhancing its adaptability. The hood comes with installation screws, a user manual or quick reference guide, and baffle filters, backed by 2-year parts and a 1-year labor warranty, underscoring its quality and resilience. While installation might pose a challenge for some users, customer reviews overall laud its beautiful aesthetics, potent operation, and serene quiet mode. This product holds a remarkable 4.4 out of 5-star rating on Amazon, indicative of high customer satisfaction. Uniquely, this hood operates without the need for batteries. The KOBE Brillia 42-inch Island Range Hood, with its power, quiet operation, and design elegance, redefines the cooking ambiance, making it a standout choice for any kitchen.

  • Effective Functioning: The range hood is described as very effective at exhausting cooking fumes.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The product is described as a beautiful eye-catcher in the kitchen, suggesting it has a pleasing design.
  • High customer satisfaction: The overall rating is 4 out of 5 stars, with 62% of reviews being 5 stars.
  • The price is quite high
#8 Broan-NuTone 42-inch Under-Cabinet

Broan-NuTone 42-inch Under-Cabinet

As a specialist in range hoods, I endorse the Broan-NuTone 42-inch Under-Cabinet Convertible Range Hood as an innovative solution for comprehensive kitchen ventilation. This model, with its 2-speed exhaust fan and built-in lighting, features a formidable maximum blower capacity of 230 CFM, offering efficient air purification to keep your cooking space fresh and odor-free. This appliance is uniquely designed to integrate seamlessly underneath cabinets, an adaptable addition suitable for kitchens of varying sizes. Its sleek white-on-white aesthetic enhances a broad range of kitchen interiors. A standout feature is its convertible capability between ducted and non-ducted modes (extra filter for the latter sold separately), ensuring flexibility to cater to diverse ventilation needs. With safety at the forefront, the unit’s design boasts mitered sides and a hemmed bottom edge to eliminate sharp edges. Its permanently lubricated motor, running at 2850 RPM, guarantees reliability and superior performance. The additional lighting feature ensures optimal visibility over your cooktop. Users commend its effortless installation, powerful ventilation, and snug fit under cabinets, noting its efficiency even in ventless operation. Some users observed a slight operational noise, common to similar models. A caveat is that an extra filter for ventless operation isn’t included and must be acquired separately. The unit requires a power cord and may necessitate professional installation if you’re inexperienced with electrical devices. To sum it up, the Broan-NuTone 42-inch Under-Cabinet Convertible Range Hood is a standout choice in kitchen ventilation, offering a harmonious blend of functionality, flexibility, and aesthetic sophistication.

  • Effective Functioning: The range hood is described as very effective at exhausting cooking fumes.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The product is described as a beautiful eye-catcher in the kitchen, suggesting it has a pleasing design.
  • High customer satisfaction: The overall rating is 4 out of 5 stars, with 62% of reviews being 5 stars.
  • The price is quite high

Why 42-inch Range Hoods Stand Out

Here’s where the 42-inch range hood comes into play. This particular size is designed for larger kitchens with more expansive cooktops. It offers a more substantial surface area for extraction, allowing it to handle the additional heat and smoke produced by larger stoves.

Understanding the Importance of Size

Not all range hoods are created equal. Size plays a fundamental role in how effectively a range hood functions. A 30-inch range hood might be perfect for a small cooktop, but for larger stoves, a bigger size is necessary.

Key Features of the Best 42-inch Range Hoods

Suitability for Various Kitchen Sizes
Primarily, the best 42-inch range hood is suitable for larger kitchens and bigger cooktops. This ensures you enjoy smoke-free cooking, even when using multiple burners simultaneously.

Powerful Performance and Efficiency

The most effective 42-inch range hoods provide powerful extraction, often measured in Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM). A higher CFM signifies powerful extraction, which is vital for larger kitchen spaces. Moreover, energy efficiency is another key aspect to consider.

Brand Choices for Best 42-inch Range Hoods

Brand Choices for Best 42-inch Range Hoods
When it comes to 42-inch range hoods, several brands have established a solid reputation for their quality and reliability. Here are a few top brands that consistently receive excellent reviews from customers for their 42-inch range hoods.

Broan-NuTone is a renowned name in the kitchen appliances industry, especially for its range of hoods. The brand offers a wide variety of 42-inch range hoods, both in ducted and ductless options. Known for their high CFM rating, durability, and efficient grease filtration, Broan-NuTone range hoods are a top choice among homeowners.

ZLINE is another leading brand that offers a variety of stylish and efficient 42-inch range hoods. The brand is known for its high-quality construction, powerful ventilation, and sleek designs that blend seamlessly with any kitchen decor. Many of their models also feature LED lighting and dishwasher-safe baffle filters.

KOBE Range Hoods
KOBE Range Hoods is famous for its innovative, quiet, and stylish kitchen ventilation products. The brand’s 42-inch range hoods are packed with powerful exhaust systems, eco-mode functionality, and easy-to-clean filters. These models stand out for their ultra-quiet operation and energy efficiency.

Cosmo is a brand that marries functionality with modern design in its range of hoods. Their 42-inch range hoods often come with high CFM, LED lights, touch controls, and convertible venting options. Plus, the brand prides itself on producing easy-to-install and easy-to-maintain range hoods.

Faber is an Italian brand renowned for its high-quality and performance-centric kitchen hoods. Faber’s 42-inch range hoods are known for their superior suction power, energy efficiency, and lower noise levels. They also feature elegant designs that can enhance the aesthetics of any kitchen.

Before settling on any brand, it’s always advisable to read customer reviews and ratings to get a realistic understanding of the product. Remember, the best brand is one that ratifies your needs and fits into your kitchen seamlessly.

How to Choose Your 42-inch Range Hood

Selecting the right 42-inch range hood for your kitchen can be a complex task, given the multitude of options available in the market. However, if you follow the right approach and keep some key considerations in mind, the task becomes significantly simpler. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you choose the ideal 42-inch range hood.

Assess Your Kitchen Space
The first step is to evaluate your kitchen size. A 42-inch range hood is suitable for larger kitchens with an expansive cooktop. Measure the space above your stove to ensure it can accommodate a 42-inch range hood.

Consider the Ventilation Type
Range hoods can be either ducted or ductless. Ducted hoods vent the air outside, while ductless ones filter and recirculate it. Your choice will depend on your kitchen’s structure and your personal preferences.

Look at the CFM
The Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) rating indicates the power of the range hood’s fan. Higher CFM means more powerful ventilation. For a 42-inch range hood, look for a model with a higher CFM rating to handle the higher volume of smoke and fumes produced by larger stoves.

Check the Noise Level
Every range hood makes noise, but the level can vary. Look for a range hood with a decibel (dB) rating that you’re comfortable with. Remember, a quieter kitchen is a more enjoyable place to cook.

Examine the Lighting
Proper lighting can enhance your cooking experience. Ensure the range hood has adequate lighting to illuminate your cooktop. LED lights are a great choice because they’re energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan.

Consider the Design
Your range hood should blend seamlessly with your kitchen decor. Whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary style, plenty of 42-inch range hoods match your aesthetic preferences.

Ease of Cleaning
Range hoods collect grease and other particles, so they require regular cleaning. Look for models with removable and dishwasher-safe filters to make cleaning easier.

Compare Prices
Finally, compare the prices of different models within your budget. Remember, the most expensive isn’t always the best. Consider the features, quality, and customer review when making your decision.

By considering these points, you can select a 42-inch range hood that fits your kitchen perfectly, ensures efficient ventilation, and enhances your cooking experience.


Can you mount a range hood to the wall?

Standard Size Range Hood: The standard width of a range hood is typically designed to match the standard widths of residential ranges and cooktops, which are 30 and 36 inches. However, range hoods can also be found in other sizes to accommodate wider or more professional-grade ranges.

Do I need a 36 inch range hood?

Need for a 36-inch Range Hood: If your stove or cooktop is 36 inches wide, it’s generally recommended to match your range hood size to your cooktop size for optimal efficiency. This ensures the hood can effectively capture and vent the cooking byproducts from all burners.

What size range hood do I need for a 48 range?

Range Hood Size for a 48-inch Range: For larger, 48-inch ranges, a range hood of the same size (48 inches) is typically recommended. This helps ensure that the range hood can adequately cover the entire cooktop surface and properly vent smoke, steam, and cooking odors.

What is the maximum range hood?

Maximum Range Hood Size: The maximum size of a range hood varies depending on the brand and model. Commercial or professional-grade range hoods can reach up to 60 inches in width or more. For residential kitchens, the most common maximum size is 48 inches, though larger sizes can be custom made.

How wide is a standard range?

Width of a Standard Range: The most common widths for residential ranges are 30 and 36 inches. However, professional-grade ranges and some models designed for large, gourmet or open concept kitchens can be 48 inches or wider.

Can a range hood be too big?

Range Hood Being Too Big: In theory, a range hood can be wider than the cooktop or range, and this can even help to catch more of the smoke and cooking byproducts. However, aesthetically it might look out of place, and it could potentially get in the way if it extends too far beyond the cooking area. A hood that is too large could also be overkill in terms of venting capacity for a smaller range and might not be an efficient use of resources. It’s typically recommended to match the range hood size to the cooktop size for the most effective and efficient use.

Author opinion

Range Hood Expert
Patrick Smith
As a connoisseur in the realm of kitchen appliances, the importance of selecting an apt range hood cannot be overstated—it significantly shapes your culinary experiences. The 42-inch models, in particular, are a splendid choice for more spacious kitchens with broad cooking surfaces, ensuring optimal smoke and odor management. Key factors such as ventilation type, kitchen dimensions, maintenance ease, and budget should be meticulously assessed when making a selection. The range hoods discussed here—from esteemed brands like Broan-NuTone, IKTCH, and ZLINE—stand out for their superior ratings, each boasting distinctive features and performance metrics. While a common concern among these models is the premium price point, the exceptional performance, aesthetic charm, and customer satisfaction they deliver justify this investment. A crucial reminder: the priciest option isn't always synonymous with the best quality. Therefore, it's essential to balance an evaluation of features, build quality, and customer testimonials in your decision-making process. Wishing you a successful quest for that perfect, high-performance range hood that promises a well-ventilated and smoke-free culinary journey!
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