Introduction to Ceiling Mounted Range Hoods🎯

A ceiling mount range hood is the epitome of grace and functionality, effortlessly adding an element of beauty to your kitchen. Its unique placement is high up on the ceiling requires it to be more potent to effectively draw out smoke and odors. This does mean that changing the filter can be somewhat of a challenge, often necessitating a ladder. However, the allure of this appliance is undeniable. Its sleek design acts as a hidden gem of technology, seamlessly blending into your kitchen’s decor. This makes it a hot trend in modern kitchen design. Despite any minor inconveniences, the aesthetic appeal and practical benefits more than justify its popularity among homeowners today.

Our Top 8 Flush Mount Range Hood

Ceiling Mount Range Hood


Rank Range Hood Name Size (Inches) CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) Ducted/Ductless Additional Features
1 VICTORY Sunset 38 600 Ducted Dimmable Lights, Wall Control
2 Awoco 14-1/2” D Super Quiet Split Insert 30 800 Ducted LED Lights, Baffle Filters, Remote Control
3 Futuro Futuro Island-Mount IS36SAVONA-INOX 36 940 Ducted LED Lights, Ultra-Quiet, Remote Control
4 Futuro Futuro Island-Mount DUCTED Only Savona White 36 940 Ducted LED Lights, Ultra-Quiet
5 IKTCH New 30″ Range Hood Insert (Black Stainless Steel) 30 900 Ducted/Ductless Gesture Sensing, Touch Control, LED Lights
6 HisoHu Insert Range Hood 30 / 36 900 Ducted/Ductless LCD screen, Remote Control, Touch Panel
7 IKTCH New 30″ Range Hood Insert (White Stainless Steel) 30 900 Ducted/Ductless Gesture Sensing, Touch Control
#1 VICTORY Sunset Flush Ceiling Mount Insert Island Range Hood



This range hood is designed to fit between the joists in your ceiling, providing a sleek and flush installation. It features a powerful 600 CFM blower, ensuring effective ventilation to remove smoke, odors, and grease from your cooking area.

This one comes with four dimmable 3000K LED lights, allowing you to adjust the lighting according to your preference. The range hood includes a wall switch with a 4-speed rotary switch and a light dimmer for easy control. You can adjust the exhaust direction to be horizontal or vertical, providing installation flexibility.

Cleaning is made easy with its stainless steel panel that can be opened on the bottom of the unit. This one is equipped with a grease filter to trap grease and a brushed finish that adds a modern touch to your kitchen.

Designed and made by VICTORY Range Hoods, this 38-inch range hood is built to last and deliver exceptional performance. It has received positive ratings from customers, highlighting its quality and functionality.

Enjoy the benefits of a flush ceiling mount range hood with the VICTORY Sunset. Upgrade your kitchen ventilation with this reliable and stylish range hood.

  • Flush ceiling mount: The flush installation gives a neat, streamlined look to your kitchen.
  • Powerful 600 CFM blower: This level of power should be sufficient for most stovetop cooking.
  • Adjustable exhaust direction: This feature provides flexibility based on your kitchen layout.
  • Dimmable LED lights: This allows for better visibility while cooking and can be adjusted based on need.
  • Easy to clean: The unit includes a stainless steel panel that can be opened for cleaning.
  • Wall control: This feature offers convenience in managing the range hood’s speed and light.
  • Ships in 11-12 days: The shipping time might be longer than some customers would prefer.
#2 Awoco Insert Ceiling Mount Range Hood

Awoco Range Hood

The Awoco 14-1/2″D Super Quiet Split Insert Ceiling Mount Stainless Steel Range Hood stands as a top-tier and cutting-edge kitchen gadget. It furnishes your kitchen with a modern aesthetic while also ensuring optimum ventilation and light over your cooktop.

A remarkable feature of this range hood is its incredibly quiet functionality. The blower component is positioned in the attic, keeping kitchen noise to a minimum while maintaining efficient performance. With four adjustable speeds (Q, I, II, III) and a peak airflow of 800 CFM, it’s easy to tailor the ventilation to your culinary requirements.

The inclusion of LED lights affords energy-efficient, bright illumination over your cooking space. The two energy-conscious, cold bright LED lights provide ample coverage over your stovetop.

Maintenance is a breeze with the two dishwasher-compatible baffle filters. These stainless steel filters are proficient at trapping grease and can be easily cleaned in your dishwasher. The design of the baffle filters also negates the need for separate oil holders as they capture oil within their structure.

The range hood, crafted from top-grade 1mm thick stainless steel and finished with a brushed texture, boasts both resilience and a chic look. The unit measures 30″W with a 6″ vent, but other dimensions are also on offer.

The package includes a remote control for ease of use, along with a 12 ft split control cord and a power cord with a plug. The sound level ranges from a quiet 40 dB at the lowest setting to 52 dB at the highest setting, ensuring a peaceful cooking ambiance.

Awoco, a reputable brand noted for its superior products and outstanding customer service, delivers this ETL Certified range hood with a 1-year limited parts warranty. Due to its sophisticated technology and robust design, this range hood is appropriate for both commercial and domestic settings.

In conclusion, this one provides robust ventilation, energy-conscious LED lighting, and a sleek aesthetic. Its innovative split ceiling mount design and quiet operation make it an ideal addition to any kitchen.

  • Super quiet operation: The split ceiling mount design allows the blower unit to be installed in the attic, reducing noise in the kitchen.
  • High-quality construction: Built with 1mm thick stainless steel with brush finishing.
  • Powerful ventilation: It provides 4 speeds of ventilation up to 800 CFM.
  • Energy efficient: Includes 2 of 3W energy-saving cold bright LED lights.
  • Convenient control: Comes with a touch sensor panel and a remote control for easy operation.
  • Easy maintenance: Features dishwasher safe commercial style stainless steel baffle air filters.
  • 1-year limited parts warranty: Offers customer support and free parts, repair, or exchange within 1 year.
  • Size and Weight: The unit is quite large and heavy, which might make installation more challenging.
#3 Futuro IS36SAVONA-INOX Range Hood

Futuro Futuro Island-Mount IS36SAVONA

The Futuro Futuro Island-Mount IS36SAVONA-INOX Range Hood, a high-end kitchen accessory, boasts an impressive design, and superior functionality, and is proudly manufactured in Italy. Crafted from premium AISI 304 Stainless Steel, this range hood assures longevity and resistance against rusting and corrosion. Its innovative design includes LED lights and dishwasher-friendly filters, offering both efficiency and ease of use.

What sets this range hood apart is its whisper-quiet operation, courtesy of the 940 CFM blower equipped with 4-speed touch-sensitive electronic controls. Additionally, it comes with a handy wireless remote control for effortless operation.

Emphasizing a commitment to quality, the Futuro Futuro Island-Mount Range Hood package includes installation gear, a user manual, and the advantage of complimentary pre-sales and setup support. Customers can rest easy with the inclusion of a standard 1-year U.S. warranty.

This range hood delivers a commendable performance with an airflow capacity of 940 cubic feet per minute (CFM), efficiently eliminating smoke, unwanted odors, and airborne grease from your kitchen. Its robust ventilation system is perfectly suited for larger spaces, ensuring a consistently clean and fresh cooking area.

In addition, this product comes with the benefits of free shipping and customer support, dispatched directly from the Futuro Futuro factory. It also offers a flexible 30-day return, refund, or replacement policy, adding another layer of convenience for its customers.

To encapsulate, this one marries meticulous Italian workmanship, top-grade materials, and avant-garde technology to create a remarkable and high-performing kitchen appliance. Its stylish design, minimal noise output, and robust ventilation system make it an outstanding choice for those in pursuit of a luxurious range hood.

  • High air flow capacity: With a 940 CFM blower, this product has a high airflow capacity, which is beneficial for removing smoke, steam, and cooking smells.
  • Low noise level: The product description emphasizes its ultra-quiet operation, which is an important factor for many users.
  • Quality materials: The product is made of AISI 304 Stainless Steel, which is a high-grade material known for its durability and resistance to rust and corrosion.
  • LED lights: The inclusion of LED lights improves visibility during cooking.
  • Italian design and manufacture: This could imply high-quality design and production standards.
  • Price: The product is quite expensive, which might not be affordable for all customers.
#4 Futuro Island-Mount DUCTED only Range Hood Savona White

Futuro Futuro Island Range Hood

Available for purchase on Amazon, the Futuro Futuro Island-Mount DUCTED only Range Hood 36″ 940-CFM is a Savona White model that emanates modern Italian flair. Constructed of durable stainless steel, this range hood is fitted with LED lights and impresses with its ultra-quiet blower.

This range hood, which is designed and produced in Italy, utilizes top-grade materials for its construction. The hood, painted in an elegant white, features an impressive airflow capacity of 940 cubic feet per minute. Notable characteristics of this product include its minimal noise production, energy-efficient LED lights, and robust stainless steel structure. A remote control is included with the hood, and its touch-sensitive remote control console makes it effortless to operate.

The model number for this particular range hood is IS36SAVONA-WHT, and it carries a weight of 40 pounds. The dimensions of the package are 48 x 40 x 19 inches. The product includes a flexible 30-day return, refund, or replacement policy, and it is dispatched directly from the Futuro Futuro factory.

  • Powerful Airflow: With a 940-CFM blower, this hood can handle heavy cooking and keep your kitchen air clean.
  • Low Noise Level: The hood is designed to operate quietly, causing minimal disruption in the kitchen environment.
  • High-Quality Materials: Made with the highest-grade AISI 304 Stainless Steel, which offers durability and resistance to rust.
  • Modern Design: Its modern Italian design and LED lighting can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen.
  • Made in Italy: Known for its exceptional craftsmanship in kitchen appliances.
  • High Cost: The hood is priced higher than many other models in the market.
#5 IKTCH Range Hood Insert ‎IKB01-30B

IKTCH New Range Hood

Introducing the IKTCH New 30″ Range Hood Insert, a powerful and stylish addition to your kitchen. With its sleek black stainless steel and tempered glass design, this range hood inserts not only enhance the aesthetics of your space but also improves the air quality in your kitchen.

Equipped with a 900 CFM super suction system, this range hood insert instantly absorbs fumes and cooking smells in all directions, leaving your kitchen environment fresh and natural. Even if there are lingering odors, the custom-made 1-15 minute adjustable timer will automatically clean up for you.

The IKTCH range hood insert features advanced gesture-sensing control, allowing you to operate the hood with a simple wave of your hand. The touch control panel and remote control provide additional convenience, ensuring that your hands remain clean even during cooking.

Enhancing your cooking experience, this range hood insert is equipped with 2 energy-saving LED lights. The brightness can be easily adjusted to meet your cooking needs, providing you with a well-lit cooking area without straining your eyes.

Enjoy a quiet cooking environment with the IKTCH range hood insert. Its shock-absorbing and stabilizing ring, along with the 4-speed settings, allow you to customize the suction and noise levels. With noise levels ranging from a minimum of 40dB to a maximum of only 65dB, you can focus on cooking while staying away from unnecessary noise.

Cleaning is a breeze with the IKTCH range hood insert. It comes with 2 stainless steel permanent filters that effectively separate and capture cooking grease and oil. These filters are easy to remove and can be cleaned in the dishwasher, ensuring that you always have a fresh and efficient filter.

  • Powerful Suction: 900 CFM super suction helps to instantly absorb fumes and cooking smells.
  • Gesture Sensing Control: Allows you to operate the hood without touching it, which can be convenient when your hands are dirty from cooking.
  • Bright LED Lights: Adjustable brightness to meet your cooking needs, making the cooking area well-lit.
  • Quiet Working: With noise levels between 40-65dB, it allows for relatively quiet operation during cooking.
  • Permanent Filter Plate: The included stainless steel filters are easy to remove and clean.
  • Adjustable Timer: Custom-made 1-15 minutes adjustable timer automatically cleans up residual smells, maintaining a fresh kitchen environment.
  • Included Components: Comes with remote control, LED lights, and screws shield for easy installation.
  • Modern Design: The black crystal panel and stainless steel finish give the range hood a stylish appearance.
  • Gesture Control Sensitivity: Depending on user experience, the gesture control function may be too sensitive or not sensitive enough.
#6 HisoHu Insert Range Hood

HisoHu Insert Range Hood

Introducing the HisoHu Insert Range Hood, available in 30 and 36-inch versions! This range hood marries a sleek aesthetic with practical functionality, destined to elevate your kitchen ventilation and your overall culinary experience.

Crafted from robust stainless steel, this range hood promises remarkable strength and longevity. Its potent 900 CFM airflow capably extracts smoke and cooking odors, ensuring your kitchen remains a clean and aromatic space.

One distinguishing feature of this range hood is its smart LCD screen. A simple hand wave allows you to alter the fan speed, offering immense convenience when your hands are busy. The range hood also includes a remote control and a touch panel for additional versatility. Its delayed shutdown feature ensures a peaceful kitchen environment even post-cooking.

This adaptable cooker hood can be installed in both ducted and ductless kitchen settings. It’s compatible with a 6″ round duct and can be used with effective charcoal filters for efficient grease particle capture and odor neutralization. Furthermore, the range hood employs multi-dimensional noise reduction technology, offering a serene cooking experience with noise levels as low as 35dB on the lower setting.

The HisoHu Insert Range Hood ensures a hassle-free installation process, coming with an inclusive kit. Its dimensions, 11.45″D x 27.75″ W x 11.77″H, make it fit for a range of kitchen configurations. Its tasteful painted finish adds a classy touch to your kitchen décor.

We pride ourselves on delivering superior products and focusing on customer satisfaction. If you require assistance or have any queries, our dedicated customer service team is available to assist. Simply contact us via, and we’ll promptly respond within 24 hours.

Enhance your kitchen ventilation with the HisoHu Insert Range Hood, available in 30 and 36-inch versions, and breathe easily while cooking.

  • Strong suction power: The 900CFM airflow capacity effectively removes large amounts of smoke and cooking odors.
  • Convenient controls: Equipped with a smart LCD screen and gesture control for easy operation, even when your hands are busy. It also comes with a remote control.
  • Quiet operation: The range hood utilizes multi-dimensional noise reduction technology, allowing for a quiet and comfortable cooking environment.
  • Convertible ductless design: The hood can function in a ductless kitchen when combined with the provided charcoal filters, which trap grease particles and neutralize cooking smells.
  • Warranty: The product comes with a five-year warranty, ensuring long-term usage and customer service support.
  • Easy to clean: The LCD screen is not prone to oil seepage and is easily cleaned.
  • No included batteries: The product doesn’t come with batteries, which might be required for the remote control.
  • Limited color options: The product is only available in black, which might not match all kitchen aesthetics.
#7 IKTCH New 30

IKTCH New 30" Range Hood Insert

Introducing the IKTCH New 30″ Range Hood Insert, a potent and stylish upgrade for your kitchen. With its white stainless steel and tempered glass construction, this range hood not only amplifies your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal but also delivers superior performance.

This range hood features a potent 900 CFM suction capability, empowered by a single motor and balanced fans that swiftly absorb cooking odors and fumes from every direction. Its adjustable timer, customizable between 1 to 15 minutes, ensures the thorough elimination of even residual odors, thereby maintaining a fresh and natural kitchen ambiance.

The IKTCH range hood boasts gesture-sensing control, promising a seamless operation experience. Its white crystal panel and 1mm thick stainless steel panel are complemented by meticulous spray painting, offering it a contemporary and refined appearance. The convenience of gesture sensing and remote control functionality ensures easy operation, even with greasy hands.

The range hood is fitted with two energy-efficient LED lights with adjustable brightness, enhancing your culinary experience. The lights deliver bright yet gentle illumination, improving visibility during nocturnal cooking sessions without straining the eyes.

A shock-absorbing and stabilizing ring ensures the quiet operation of the range hood. The four-speed settings allow you to tailor the suction and noise levels to your preference. With a noise level spectrum ranging from a minimum of 40dB to a maximum of 65dB, you can enjoy a cooking experience free from disruptive noise.

Cleanup is hassle-free with the permanent filter plate that comes with the IKTCH range hood. The twin stainless steel permanent filters effectively separate and trap cooking grease and oil. By simply removing and dishwashing the filters, you can easily maintain a clean, efficient filter.

Elevate your culinary experience with the convenience and sophistication of the IKTCH New 30″ Range Hood Insert. Transform your kitchen with this powerful, sleek, and smart range hood, making your cooking experience not just enjoyable, but smarter too.

  • Powerful Suction: A 900 CFM suction capacity can handle heavy cooking fumes and smells.
  • Gesture-sensing and Touch Control: These features offer modern and convenient operation.
  • Adjustable LED Lights: Allows for clearer visibility while cooking.
  • Quiet Operation: A noise level between 40dB to 65dB allows for quieter operation compared to other models.
  • Permanent Filter Plate: The stainless steel filter is easy to remove and clean, reducing maintenance.
  • Adjustable Timer: The 1-15 minute timer helps to maintain freshness in the kitchen.
  • Gesture Sensing Limitation: Gesture control requires that two sensing points be crossed, which might not always be convenient.
#8 FORNO Arezzo 44” Inch. Built-in Ceiling Range Hood Stainless Steel 1200 CFM Double Motor Fan Perimetric Heat, Recess in Soffit Range Hood Steam Capture with Remote Control

FORNO Arezzo 44” Inch. Built-in Ceiling Range Hood

The FORNO Arezzo 44” Inch Built-in Ceiling Range Hood is a high-performance ventilation solution for your kitchen. With a powerful double-motor fan system delivering a total of 1200 CFM, this range hood effectively captures steam, heat, and cooking odors. Its recessed design allows for seamless integration into your ceiling, giving your kitchen a sleek and modern look.

Featuring a stainless steel construction, this range hood is not only durable but also easy to clean. The aluminum mesh filters are dishwasher-safe, making maintenance a breeze. The exhaust method is a ducted design, and the hood supports a 6″ round duct shape.

The Arezzo range hood offers convenient control options. It comes with both electronic control and remote control, allowing you to adjust the settings from anywhere in the kitchen. With four-speed selections, you can easily customize the ventilation power to suit your cooking needs.

This range hood is equipped with six square LED lights, providing ample illumination for your cooking area. The LED lights have a color temperature of 12000k to 14000k, emitting a bright white light.

Installation is straightforward, and the range hood includes all the necessary components for setup. The package includes a power cord, bulbs, and an installation kit. The hood is backed by 2-year factory parts and labor warranty from FORNO.

Overall, the FORNO Arezzo 44” Inch Built-in Ceiling Range Hood combines powerful ventilation performance, sleek design, and convenient control options, making it an excellent addition to any kitchen.

  • High-performance ventilation: The hood has a 1200 CFM total capacity powered by two 600 CFM motors, which should be more than sufficient for most cooking needs.
  • Remote control: The range hood includes a remote control, which adds convenience for the user.
  • LED Lights: The six square LED lights provide ample lighting for cooking and use less energy than traditional bulbs.
  • Dishwasher-safe filters: The hood’s filters are dishwasher safe which makes cleaning easier.
  • Built-in timer: This feature provides the option for automatic turn-off after a specified time, saving energy and increasing safety.
  • Stainless steel design: Stainless steel is durable and easy to clean, making it ideal for kitchen appliances.
  • Size: With a width of 44 inches, this range hood may be too large for smaller kitchens.
  • Weight: At 90.2 lbs, the hood is quite heavy, which could complicate installation and require additional support structures.

The Anatomy of a Ceiling Mount Range Hood

The Ventilation System

The heart of a ceiling mount range hood is its ventilation system. This system works by drawing up air from your kitchen and expelling it outside. The process effectively diminishes heat, odors, and airborne particles, improving the overall air quality in your kitchen. This system can be further categorized into two types – ducted, which vents the air outside the home, and ductless or recirculating, which filters the air and circulate it back into the kitchen.

The Filtration System

The filtration system works in conjunction with the ventilation system. It plays a critical role in purifying the air drawn up by the hood by trapping grease, smoke, and other airborne particles, preventing them from accumulating on your kitchen surfaces. There are two types of filters used – grease filters which are typically metal and dishwasher safe, and charcoal filters used in ductless hoods which need to be replaced regularly.

The Lighting System

Most ceiling mount range hoods come equipped with a lighting system to illuminate the cooking area for better visibility. The type of light can vary from traditional incandescent or halogen to more energy-efficient LEDs.

Controls and Advanced Features

Ceiling mount range hoods have various controls for regulating fan speeds, lights, and more. While some have mechanical dials or buttons, higher-end models offer touch-sensitive controls or even remote controls for added convenience. They also come with different speed settings to control the intensity of the ventilation.

Additionally, some advanced models offer features such as heat sensors that can automatically adjust the fan speed based on the heat levels detected. Other features could include a timer function, allowing the hood to automatically shut off after a set period, or an indicator that alerts when it’s time to clean or replace the filter.

Design and Aesthetics

Lastly, besides functionality, design, and aesthetics are also vital elements of a ceiling mount range hood. They come in various designs, materials, and finishes to complement different kitchen styles. From stainless steel to glass, and from traditional to contemporary designs, the choice is broad. Some even come with customizable chimney heights to fit different ceiling heights.

Remember, when choosing a range hood, besides the technical features, it’s also important to consider factors like your kitchen layout, cooking habits, and design preferences. It’s always recommended to consult a professional or the manufacturer for specific advice based on your individual needs.


Ventillation and Range Hood Expert
Joseph Yaakov
To sum up, ceiling mount range hoods are an amalgamation of style and functionality, serving as both an attractive centerpiece and a proficient ventilation system for your kitchen. Their superior attributes such as robust airflow, noise-efficient operation, integrated LED lights and user-friendly controls significantly elevate the cooking environment. The combination of easy-to-clean, dishwasher-safe filters and durable materials like stainless steel further emphasize their effortless upkeep and long-lasting nature. While the initial cost may be higher, the high-performance characteristics and advantageous features like remote control and built-in timers provide substantial returns on investment. Whether you're renovating a home kitchen or setting up a commercial space, a ceiling mount range hood stands out as a crucial asset.
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Are ceiling mount range hoods effective?

Despite the numerous advantages of recessed ceiling hoods, it’s crucial to recognize that their performance may not measure up to suspended models. The primary reason for this is their placement: being situated significantly further from the cooking surface can impact their effectiveness. Instead of promptly capturing all the smoke and fumes directly from the cooktop, recessed ceiling hoods function more like regular fans, gradually purifying the room’s air. Consequently, they might not immediately eliminate all cooking emissions.

Can you vent a range hood into the ceiling?

Yes, it’s possible to vent a range hood into the ceiling, especially in the case of island range hoods. The vent duct will then need to run through the ceiling cavity and exit your home, usually through the roof. However, this requires professional installation to ensure it’s done correctly and safely.

What is a ceiling-mounted hood?

A ceiling mounted hood is a type of ventilation system that is installed directly above an island or peninsula cooktop in a kitchen. It’s suspended from the ceiling and designed to remove smoke, heat, and cooking odors. Ceiling mounted hoods become a focal point in the kitchen due to their positioning and size.

How high can a range hood be mounted?

The height at which a range hood should be mounted varies based on the type of cooktop and the manufacturer’s recommendations. However, generally, for electric ranges, the bottom of the hood should be 24-30 inches above the cooktop. For gas ranges, it should be between 30-36 inches due to the higher heat output.

What is the disadvantage of range hood?

In practical terms, it may be unfeasible to install sufficient venting and ductwork in the roof directly above a ceiling-mounted range hood. Additionally, such hoods are typically incompatible with recirculating systems.

Is the ceiling exhaust fan effective?

Ceiling exhaust fans can be effective at improving air circulation and reducing moisture levels in a room. However, for kitchens, a dedicated range hood is usually more effective at capturing and removing smoke, steam, and cooking odors because it’s located directly above the cooktop.

What is the most powerful kind of range hood?

The power of a range hood is often measured by its maximum air movement capacity, typically in cubic feet per minute (CFM). Professional-grade range hoods or commercial range hoods are usually the most powerful, with CFMs often ranging from 900 to 1,200 or more. These are ideal for heavy cooking and professional-style cooktops or ranges.

What is the strongest home range hood?

All strongest range hoods in this top, typically be professional-grade or commercial-style range hoods, with a high CFM rating. These are designed for home cooks who frequently use high heat or have professional-style ranges. However, the “strongest” range hood isn’t necessarily the best choice for every home, as it depends on your cooking habits, cooktop type, kitchen layout, and local building codes. Always check with a professional range hood manufacturer to determine the best hood for your needs.

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