High Performance Meets Sophisticated Style with COSMO 668ICS750


  • Sophisticated and Ultra-modern Design: This range hood has an aesthetic that complements a variety of kitchen designs, making it a desirable addition to any kitchen.
  • Stainless Steel Construction: The stainless steel build provides durability and easy maintenance.
  • Soft Touch Controls: Easy-to-use controls make it user-friendly.
  • LED Lights: These provide ample lighting for cooking tasks.
  • Permanent Filters: No need for regular replacements, saving time and money.
  • Amazon’s Choice: This product has been chosen by Amazon for the “island mount hood” category, indicating high ratings and good reviews.
  • Free Shipping: It comes with free shipping, adding value to the purchase.
  • Installation: According to a review, the installation could be simplified, which suggests it might be challenging for some.

The COSMO 668ICS750 is a tastefully designed range hood that embodies the confluence of high functionality and modern aesthetics. An indispensable kitchen essential, this island mount range hood features a sleek stainless steel finish combined with a tempered glass visor that effortlessly complements various kitchen styles.

With a 380 CFM rating, the COSMO 668ICS750 showcases its capability to efficiently deal with smoke, odors, and steam, ensuring a clean and fresh kitchen environment. I was particularly impressed by the soft touch controls that provide ease of operation, allowing for hassle-free adjustments according to your cooking needs.

Another praiseworthy aspect is the appliance’s superior filtration system. The Cosmo ARC-FLOW Permanent Filters are not only exceptionally durable but also dishwasher-safe, rendering maintenance an easy task and saving you from recurrent replacement costs.

Moreover, the energy-efficient LED lights add another layer of convenience to your culinary adventures. These long-lasting bulbs offer high lumen lighting, enhancing visibility while cooking without adding significantly to your energy bills.

As for the installation process, the package includes flexible ducting, which simplifies the installation process. However, I noted that this hood might hang a bit low for a standard 8ft ceiling, as reported by several users, which could be a potential drawback for taller individuals.

A notable mention is the 3-year limited parts warranty, reflecting the brand’s confidence in its product. However, I would appreciate more information about the product’s noise level at various speeds, as it only mentions the lowest noise level at 45 dB under optimal conditions.

This is what this video about:

  • 🛠 The Cosmo Island Mount Range Hood model COS-668ICS750 was installed with some adjustment for height; it has the flexibility of moving an inch and a half up or down.
  • ✂ The top part of the range hood was cut using a rider to fit the required length.
  • 🔥 A fire was used to smooth out the metal edges after cutting.
  • 🔩 The installation was initially tested with only four screws.
  • 🎚 The range hood has different speed levels and operates quietly even on high speed.
  • 💡 The range hood has a built-in light feature.
  • 🔌 The range hood requires a power outlet inside for it to work.
  • 🪵 A piece of wood was used as a base for added support as the range hood didn’t fit perfectly.
  • 📏 The cover was cut shorter to about 14 inches to fit the length of the hood.
  • 👥 Installation of the range hood may require an extra set of hands as it is not too heavy but needs to be held up during the process.
  • 🏠 The range hood will be part of a larger project, including a small island cabinet and a skirt cover for a finished look.
  • 🗄 The final appearance includes a stainless steel finish skirt cover, giving it a sleek and neat look.
  • 📐 The installation may require additional tools like a file or sandpaper to smooth out the edges after cutting.


Ventillation and Range Hood Expert
Joseph Yaakov
COSMO 668ICS750 is a well-rounded range hood that merges high functionality with contemporary aesthetics. Its sophisticated design and robust stainless-steel construction make it a versatile addition to any kitchen decor while ensuring durability. Noteworthy features such as easy-to-use soft touch controls, high-efficiency LED lighting, and durable, dishwasher-safe permanent filters underline its user-centric design. While the installation might pose challenges for some, the inclusion of flexible ducting in the package partly mitigates this issue. Recognized as Amazon's Choice in its category, and coming with a 3-year limited parts warranty, this range hood is a testament to COSMO's quality and customer trust. Despite its slight hang issue with standard 8ft ceilings and lack of noise level details at various speeds, the COSMO 668ICS750 offers excellent value for money and is a commendable choice for those seeking a blend of style, function, and affordability in their range hoods.
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