So what is Faber Brand

Faber Range Hood

Faber is an Italian brand renowned for manufacturing high-quality kitchen appliances, including range hoods or cooker hoods, for over 60 years. Faber prides itself on its innovative designs, advanced technology, and commitment to quality, durability, and performance. The company has established a strong presence worldwide, making it a go-to choice for homeowners seeking efficient and stylish kitchen ventilation solutions. In our faber cooker hood review, we would focus on several key aspects.: Design and Aesthetics, Performance, Noise Level, and Features.

Their best model

#1 Faber under cabinet range hood LEVA36SS300-B 36

Faber LEVA36SS300-B 36"

Experience efficient and superior air filtration in your kitchen with the Faber LEVA36SS300-B Levante I Under Cabinet Range Hood. Crafted from durable stainless steel, this range hood not only adds a sleek, modern aesthetic to your space but also guarantees longevity.

The unit is a perfect fit for your kitchen, boasting dimensions of 20’D x 36″W x 5.5″H. Its under-cabinet design ensures seamless integration into your kitchen layout, adding functionality without disrupting your decor.

The Faber range hood features three-speed push controls that provide you with flexible and optimal ventilation based on your cooking needs. With a 300 CFM fan, it effectively removes smoke, steam, odors, and other airborne particles from your kitchen.

Additionally, this range hood is equipped with two 35W halogen lights that illuminate your cooking area for enhanced visibility. The lighting feature is not just practical; it also adds to the overall ambiance of your kitchen space.

To ensure easy maintenance and enhanced hygiene, the LEVA36SS300-B comes with dishwasher-safe mesh grease filters. This means you can focus more on your culinary adventures and less on appliance upkeep. A ductless option is available as well, offering versatility for various kitchen setups.

The Faber LEVA36SS300-B is user-friendly, featuring a push-button control console that is straightforward to use. This appliance operates at a standard voltage of 120 Volts.

In the box, you’ll find the LEVA36SS300-B Range Hood and an owner’s manual. The package does not require any batteries for operation, saving you from additional costs and frequent replacements.

#2 Faber OSTR30SS400 30 Inch Ostro Under Cabinet Range Hood with VariDuct System


Faber OSTR30SS400

From the prestigious collection of Faber kitchen appliances emerges the Ostro Under Cabinet Range Hood (OSTR30SS400), a remarkable 30-inch ventilation solution that stands as a testament to Faber’s commitment to quality and innovation. This range hood is uniquely equipped with a pioneering VariDuct System, intelligently designed to enhance air distribution for effective expulsion of unwanted cooking odors, fumes, and heat.

Possessing a substantial airflow capacity of 390 Cubic Feet Per Minute, the Ostro offers excellent ventilation, fostering a cleaner and fresher kitchen ambiance. Its under-cabinet design optimizes space, making it a fitting choice for kitchens of diverse layouts and dimensions.

Constructed with robust stainless steel, the range hood promises lasting durability and flaunts a sleek, modern aesthetic that complements any kitchen decor. Further enhancing its functionality, the Ostro includes an integrated halogen lighting system, illuminating your cooktop with bright and clear light, thereby simplifying your culinary endeavors.

Since its introduction to the market in October 2018, this one continues to reflect Faber’s dedication to delivering superior quality, innovative design, and exceptional customer service. The product comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, and Amazon offers a discretionary 30-day return guarantee for optimal customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, the Faber OSTR30SS400 30 Inch Ostro Under Cabinet Range Hood harmoniously marries functionality with aesthetic appeal. Its reliable performance, effortless installation, and contemporary design render it an invaluable addition to any culinary space.

#3 Faber INPL4819SSNB-B 48 Inca Pro Plus Series Range Hood Insert with Stainless Steel Baffle Filters LED Lighting and Variable Speed Control in Stainless Steel

Faber INPL4819SSNB

Meet the Faber INPL4819SSNB-B 48 Inca Pro Plus Series Range Hood Insert, an epitome of elegance and efficiency that elevates your kitchen’s aesthetics and functionality. Its chic stainless steel finish effortlessly merges with a myriad of interior styles, adding a subtle touch of sophistication.

One of its striking features is the advanced LED lighting system that illuminates your cooking area, enhancing your culinary experience irrespective of the time of day. Whether you’re fixing a midnight snack or preparing a gastronomic feast, the optimally bright LEDs transform your cooking process into a delightful experience.

As a kitchen ventilation expert, I can attest that the stainless steel baffle filters are a standout feature. Designed to capture grease efficiently, these filters not only heighten the appliance’s performance but also offer easy cleaning, making upkeep a simple task.

The Faber range hood insert takes customization a notch higher with variable speed control, providing tailored ventilation for your culinary needs. You can effortlessly adjust the suction power to match the day’s cooking requirements, be it simmering a delicate sauce or frying a hearty meal.

Weighing a mere 40 pounds, this hood insert delivers a powerful performance without burdening your kitchen cabinetry. The understated brushed finish adds a layer of sophistication to your kitchen decor.

Along with the product, Faber offers a value-adding warranty and customer support. The provision of Amazon’s voluntary 30-day return guarantee ensures a risk-free purchase experience.

To conclude, this one is an exceptional choice for those seeking a blend of style, reliability, and efficiency in a kitchen ventilation solution. Incorporating this in your kitchen guarantees an enhanced cooking experience.


#4 Faber HILTIS36WHNB 36


Introducing the Faber HILTIS36WHNB 36″ High-Light Matte White Ceiling Mount Range Hood – a harmonious blend of aesthetics and practicality. This refined ventilation system is specifically engineered to mount seamlessly to the ceiling, adding a contemporary touch to any kitchen ambiance.

The dimensions of this range hood, which are 19.88″D x 36″ W x 12.81″H, make it an ideal match for the majority of conventional kitchen designs. The model’s matte white finish lends an aura of sophistication to your interior decor.

Outfitted with a perimetric filter system, the Faber ceiling mount range hood ensures powerful, efficient extraction. It also comes with a remote control for effortless operation and features a delay auto-off function, providing an added layer of convenience. The unit operates at 120 volts and weighs 80 pounds.

One key point to note, as indicated by a customer review, is that this range hood model functions as a ‘shell,’ meaning the motor, filter, damper, and flange are not included in the purchase. These necessary components must be bought separately, potentially adding an estimated $1,000 to the overall cost. This aspect allows the system to be highly customizable, catering to specific ventilation requirements in your kitchen.

Even with the additional expenditure, the customer review accentuates the hood’s attractive design, suggesting it as an appealing enhancement to any kitchen. However, it’s worth noting that the requirement for extra components could potentially impact the timeline of your kitchen remodeling project.

To summarize, this one is a stellar product that marries beautiful design with potent performance. While the requirement for additional parts is a factor, it’s elegant design and efficient functionality make it a favored choice among homeowners.

#5 Faber insert range hood INHC29SSV 29

Faber insert range hood INHC29SSV

Introducing the Faber INHC29SSV, a 29″ Inca HC Insert Range Hood that is an embodiment of efficiency, performance, and contemporary style. A standout choice for discerning homeowners, this product boasts a plethora of remarkable features, chief among them being the Variable Air Management System.

The system enhances airflow efficiency, boasting a capacity of 600 Cubic Feet Per Minute. The result is a kitchen free from smoke, unpleasant odors, and airborne grease particles, thereby uplifting the overall air quality and offering a cleaner, healthier cooking environment.

Equipped with 4-Speed Electronic Controls and white LED indicators, this range hood ensures ease of use and straightforward operation. A safety-conscious feature of auto shut-off is incorporated, which automatically powers down the system after a specified duration of use. The hood also provides an ‘Intensive Speed’ option, delivering additional power when faced with high-heat cooking or exceptionally strong odors.

The Faber range hood is constructed for durability and low-maintenance use. It includes Dishwasher Safe Mesh Filters, decreasing the need for manual cleaning and promising consistent, optimal functioning over its lifetime. The stainless steel finish adds not only a sleek look but also ensures easy cleaning, making it a sensible selection for bustling kitchens.

Furthermore, this product offers installation versatility. It is suitable for both Built-In Mount and Wall Mount setups, allowing it to integrate effortlessly into an array of kitchen designs. This adaptability positions it as a preferred choice for both renovation projects and new kitchen builds. In conclusion, the Faber INHC29SSV range hood promises efficient operation, ease of use, and a contemporary aesthetic, making it an excellent addition to any kitchen.

About Faber Brand

Faber stands as a paragon of excellence in the realm of range hoods, revered for its innovative Italian design and outstanding craftsmanship. These range hoods, with their array of designs – from wall-mounted and under-cabinet to island range hoods, encapsulate a harmonious blend of style and functionality. Regardless of your kitchen’s decor, Faber offers a palette of styles, sizes, and finishes to accentuate both contemporary and classic aesthetics.

Performance-wise, Faber doesn’t falter. These range hoods house powerful motors, proficient in eradicating smoke, grease, and odors with effortless ease, ensuring a pleasant and fresh culinary environment. The compelling extraction prowess of these appliances doesn’t equate to high noise levels, thanks to Faber’s noise insulation technology which maintains a tranquil cooking ambiance.

The appeal of Faber range hoods is further elevated by an array of user-friendly features. Intuitive touch controls, radiant LED lighting, and auto shut-off timers add to the overall convenience. The premium models even offer advanced features such as remote control operation via smartphone apps and sensor-based automatic fan speed adjustment in response to cooking conditions.

Maintenance is a breeze with Faber range hoods. Their design incorporates dishwasher-safe mesh filters that effortlessly trap grease and are easily removable for cleaning. This not only ensures your kitchen remains odor-free but also enhances the lifespan of the hood.

Faber Range Hood Troubleshooting

If you encounter issues with your Faber range hood, here are some common problems and their solutions:

The range hood does not turn on: Check to see if it’s plugged in and whether the circuit breaker or fuse is functioning. If all these are in order, the issue might be with the hood’s motor or wiring, in which case a service technician should be called.

The range hood doesn’t vent properly: Make sure the filters are clean and not clogged with grease or other debris. If the filters are clean, check to see if the ductwork is correctly installed and not blocked.

The lights do not work: Check if the bulbs are burned out and need replacing. If new bulbs don’t solve the problem, the issue could be with the wiring or the switch, and a service technician should be consulted.

The range hood is excessively noisy: Range hoods will produce some noise during operation, but if it becomes excessively loud, the problem might be with the motor or the fan. Contact a service technician for assistance.

The fan speed cannot be adjusted: This might be due to a problem with the control switch or the motor. In either case, it’s recommended to consult a service technician.

If these solutions don’t address your problem, or if you’re not comfortable performing these checks yourself, it’s best to contact Faber’s customer service or a professional technician for further assistance. Always remember to disconnect the range hood from the power source before attempting any troubleshooting. Get some faber range hood parts.

Faber RangeHood Filters Replacement

Faber Range Hood Bulb Replacement

Replacing a bulb in a Faber range hood is usually a simple task. Always ensure you replace it with the correct type and wattage of the bulb as specified in your hood’s manual. If you’re unsure, consult with Faber’s customer service.


Are Faber Cooker Hoods Any Good?
Yes, Faber cooker hoods have earned a strong reputation for their efficient performance, superior craftsmanship, and innovative features. They are known for their powerful extraction capabilities, quiet operation, and a range of user-friendly features that enhance the cooking experience.
Where Are Faber Hoods Made?
Faber is an Italian brand and its range of hoods are primarily manufactured in Italy. The company has a rich history dating back to 1955 and is recognized as a pioneer in kitchen ventilation.
Is Faber a Good Make?
Faber is highly regarded in the kitchen appliance industry. The brand’s long-standing reputation for quality, performance, and innovative design makes it a reliable choice for range hoods.
Which Kitchen Hood is Better?
The ‘best’ kitchen hood would depend on individual needs and kitchen specifications. Factors such as kitchen size, cooking habits, aesthetics, and budget play a crucial role in determining the ideal choice. However, Faber range hoods are a consistently top-rated choice among experts and users alike.
What is the Best Range Hood Size?
Ideally, a range hood should be at least as wide as the cooking surface it sits above. For example, for a 30-inch wide stove, a 30-inch or larger range hood would be optimal for effective ventilation.
Is Faber Made in China?
No, Faber is an Italian brand, and the majority of its products are manufactured in Italy. However, like many global companies, they may have some components or products manufactured in other locations based on various factors.
Which Country Made Faber?
Faber was established and is headquartered in Fabriano, Italy. The brand has become a global name over the decades, with its products reaching kitchens in over 13 countries across the world.


Range Hood Expert
Patrick Smith
Faber range hoods are a powerful blend of Italian craftsmanship, quality, and innovation. They offer a range of models to suit different kitchen designs and ventilation needs, from under-cabinet and ceiling mount options to insert range hoods. With distinctive features such as the VariDuct System, LED lighting, and Variable Air Management System, they stand out in the market. However, while they are known for their efficiency and performance, they might require technical assistance for certain issues. All in all, Faber provides an impressive range of reliable and aesthetically pleasing range hoods, enhancing your cooking experience and adding to the decor of your kitchen.
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