Pacific Range Hood, What are They?

Pacific Range Hood

Under the Hood: The Pacific Range Hood – A Comprehensive Guide

The Pacific Range Hood has quickly gained popularity as an Under Cabinet range hood. Favored for its professional high-performance capabilities, it has received numerous positive reviews. The best part? Despite offering similar parameters to other brands, the Pacific Range Hood doesn’t carry an inflated price tag. In this article, we will look into the benefits of a Pacific Range Hood, how to clean it, the size you might need, its replacement parts, reviews, and the process of installing one.

We Recommend This Range Hoods

#1 Pacific Kitchen Vent Hood AC30BS – 30 Inch Under Cabinet Range Hood

Pacific Kitchen Vent Hood AC30BS – 30 Inch Under Cabinet Range Hood

In a sea of range hoods, the Pacific Kitchen Vent Hood AC30BS differentiates itself as a standout piece of kitchen equipment. Offering a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality, it earns its place in both professional and residential kitchens alike.

To begin with, this Pacific Kitchen Vent Hood has a unique filter-less design that makes it both convenient and cost-effective. Forget about the hassle and expense of constantly replacing filters – this range hood eliminates that concern. This feature, coupled with a 38-second auto-cleaning function, makes this hood a benchmark for ease of maintenance.

One of the most appealing features of the AC30BS model is its high suction power. With dual kitchen exhaust fans using 900 CFM of suction power, this range hood is highly efficient at eliminating undesirable particles from the air. This superior extraction capability makes it a champion performer in kitchens where high-heat and high-volume cooking takes place regularly.

The Pacific Kitchen Vent Hood also comes with a sleek, modern design that effortlessly fits with any kitchen decor. Its stainless-steel finish not only gives it a clean, professional look but also makes it resistant to rust and easy to clean.

While the unit might require some adaptability during installation, due to cabinet bottom designs varying from home to home, once installed, it offers robust and reliable performance. Some users found the unit to be louder than expected, however, this is often a trade-off for powerful extraction performance.

A noteworthy feature of this range hood is the LED touch controls that add a touch of modern sophistication to your kitchen while ensuring ease of use. The dual fans, 2-speed settings, and an Auto-Delay Off function are highly effective for all cooking styles.

In comparison to other range hoods, the Pacific Kitchen Vent Hood AC30BS stands out for its high suction power, filter-less design, auto-cleaning function, and sleek design. When balanced against these considerations, this range hood represents a valuable investment for any cooking enthusiast looking for a blend of style, power, and convenience.

#2 Pacific Trusteam Under Cabinet Hood SC8830BS Bundle with Pacific SUS304 Deflector Board

Pacific Trusteam Under Cabinet Hood SC8830BS Bundle

As a professional range hood reviewer, the Pacific Trusteam Under Cabinet Hood SC8830BS has been a standout performer in my line of work, often outperforming many of its peers.

To begin with, its design and construction are top-notch. The deep concave bottom design not only adds a sleek look to your kitchen but also effectively prevents grease and oil from leaking, providing a cleaner cooking environment. This feature is particularly advantageous for high-temperature, oil-based cooking, commonly associated with Asian cuisines.

The real star of the show, though, is the unprecedented ventilation power. The Pacific Trusteam has an industry-leading CFM (cubic feet per minute) of 900+, courtesy of a unique, whisper-quiet motor. This, combined with larger fan blades and a high-capacity housing design, guarantees impressive suction power, far superior to most other range hoods in the market. As a frequent user of range hoods, I can testify to the difference this makes, particularly when dealing with high-fume, oil-based cooking.

Despite its power, this hood operates with remarkable quietness, a rarity among powerful range hoods. The state-of-the-art motor, invented by Pacific, delivers a whisper-quiet performance that doesn’t interfere with your kitchen conversations or your enjoyment of music or television while cooking.

The Pacific Trusteam also comes bundled with a Pacific SUS304 Deflector Board, enhancing both its suction capabilities and overall appearance. This bundle is designed with user-friendliness in mind, and it is worth noting that the range hood is easy to clean, with parts that are dishwasher safe.

Additionally, it’s important to mention the product’s warranty. A 10-year part warranty and a lifetime motor warranty convey the manufacturer’s confidence in the product’s longevity and durability. This is a significant advantage over other brands that typically offer shorter warranty periods.

The reviews on the website also affirm my impressions. Users have praised its efficient odor elimination, noise reduction, and high-quality construction. A few users mentioned issues with the steam function, but Pacific’s responsive customer support was able to quickly resolve these issues.

To conclude, the Pacific Trusteam Under Cabinet Hood SC8830BS offers a combination of effective ventilation, quiet operation, excellent construction, and reliable customer support that sets it apart from other range hoods in its category. As a range hood reviewer, I highly recommend this product for any cooking enthusiast looking to keep their kitchen environment clean and odor-free.

#3 Pacific Economy Under Cabinet Ducted Range Hood 30 inch - PR830BS

Pacific Economy Under Cabinet Ducted Range Hood PR830BS

The Pacific Economy Under Cabinet Ducted Range Hood PR830BS is an essential appliance for the modern kitchen. With my extensive experience reviewing range hoods, I found this model to stand out due to its powerful and unique features, as well as its impressive design.

The first feature that caught my attention was the hood’s powerful suction. Rated at 900 CFM, it’s designed to handle all cooking styles effectively. This level of suction power is more than sufficient to extract the smoke from heavy dishes such as steaks, fried rice, or braised beef. Though some users felt that the suction could be more powerful, it’s important to note that effective smoke extraction is also reliant on the correct installation and the overall design of your kitchen.

The PR830BS model offers three-speed settings, which can be conveniently controlled via the sleek glass screen touch control panel. The range of speed settings caters to different cooking styles and needs, providing the flexibility that contemporary cooks demand.

Another highlight of the PR830BS model is its internal oil collector. This feature prevents grease from leaking out, a common issue in many other models. This significantly reduces the time spent cleaning after cooking, a benefit any home cook would appreciate.

The hood’s design also deserves a mention. Its seamless stainless-steel finish lends a modern, stylish look to any kitchen. Its 22.5-inch depth allows for full coverage of four-burner areas, ensuring effective smoke extraction during the simultaneous use of all burners.

The hood also comes with large, dishwasher-safe baffle filters, which are a breeze to clean. These filters, combined with the internal oil collector, provide improved grease capture and filtration.

The Pacific Economy Under Cabinet Ducted Range Hood PR830BS also offers installation flexibility, with four different ducting options, both round & rectangular, available for the top and rear. This range of options simplifies installation and helps accommodate diverse kitchen layouts.

Despite the occasional user reviews citing noise levels and suction power as areas of improvement, it’s crucial to remember that the performance of range hoods is often subjective to individual cooking habits and kitchen layouts.

With its blend of power, efficiency, and design, the Pacific Economy Under Cabinet Ducted Range Hood PR830BS has more than earned its place as a high-performing range hood that caters to the needs of a variety of cooking styles. Plus, the company’s provision of a 10-year warranty on parts underlines its commitment to customer satisfaction and product longevity.

Comparing it with other models in the market, the PR830BS proves itself as a range hood that offers great value for its price point, especially considering its robust feature set and contemporary design. This product is indeed worth considering if you’re on the lookout for a new range hood.

#4 Pacific Economy Pro Under Cabinet Range Hood PR6830AS

Pacific Economy Pro Under Cabinet PR6830AS

The Pacific Economy Pro Under Cabinet Ducted Range Hood PR6830AS is a top-tier kitchen appliance, specially engineered for those who value efficiency and quiet operation in their cooking space. This vent hood’s robust design and durable construction, coupled with its ultra-quiet operation, make it a standout in a saturated market.

At the heart of the range hood is a powerful 850 CFM motor, capable of effectively capturing smoke, heat, and cooking odors, ensuring your kitchen remains fresh, regardless of the culinary style you prefer. A step above many other range hoods, this model boasts a 3-speed setting, offering the flexibility to adapt to your specific cooking needs.

What sets this model apart is its high-tech touch control panel which not only adds a modern aesthetic but also allows you to effortlessly toggle between the 3 fan speeds and adjust the 2-level LED lighting. The LED lights are energy-efficient and provide excellent visibility over your cooking area.

Further enhancing its convenience is the easy-to-clean baffle filter, which is dishwasher-safe and designed for permanent use, a feature not common in many other hoods. This range hood also offers an impressive 10-year warranty on parts, and a lifetime warranty on the motor, surpassing the standard warranties offered by many competitors.

But don’t just take it from the product specifications – the customer reviews for this product underline its superior performance. Users have praised its strong suction, high-quality build, and durability. Some have also highlighted its aesthetic appeal and fast delivery, which adds to the overall positive buying experience.

The Pacific Economy Pro PR6830AS is more than just a range hood; it’s a long-term investment in your kitchen’s functionality and ambiance. Given its high performance, durability, and customer approval, it stands out among its competitors in the range hood market.

#5 Pacific Side Suction Under Cabinet Ducted Range Hood 30 inch PQ6830AB

Pacific Side Suction Under Cabinet


The Pacific Side Suction Under Cabinet Ducted Range Hood has been gaining notable attention and praise from consumers, establishing itself as a significant contender in the range hood market. Built with an impressively potent 1200 CFM 4-speed motor, it has been lauded for its effectiveness in swiftly eliminating cooking smoke and odors, dramatically enhancing the kitchen environment.

What sets this model apart, as echoed by many users, is its remarkably quiet operation. Despite the powerful performance, the tranquility it maintains is greatly appreciated by homeowners who value a serene cooking experience.

The aesthetics have not gone unnoticed either. The modern stainless steel design, augmented by a stylish black accent, has received positive reviews for its seamless integration into contemporary kitchen decors. Home cooks have also expressed appreciation for the ease of cleaning it offers, citing this as a substantial time-saving feature.

The user-friendly touch control panel has been a game-changer for many. It’s designed to wake in the proximity of a hand, a feature that users applaud for its effortless operability and comfort.

The dual-level LED lighting also earns points for its functional illumination and energy-efficient design. Many users have found the two brightness levels particularly useful for different cooking times and tasks.

In essence, if the collective voices of many satisfied consumers are anything to go by, the Pacific Side Suction Under Cabinet Ducted Range Hood stands out as an exceptional choice for those seeking efficiency, reliability, and elegance in their kitchen ventilation solution.

Pacific Range Hood: An Overview

The Value Proposition

Pacific Range Hoods have carved a niche for themselves in the market, catering to both individual and commercial needs. They have become synonymous with quality, offering great features at competitive prices. With Pacific, you’re not just buying a range hood, you’re investing in cleaner, healthier air for your kitchen.

What Sets Pacific Apart?

Many factors set the Pacific apart from its competition. For one, the Pacific TruSteam Range Hood is a technologically advanced solution that offers an auto-clean function. Say goodbye to the tedious task of manual cleaning!

Benefits of a Pacific Range Hood⚜


The Pacific range hood, known for its high-performance suction, ensures your kitchen remains free from unwanted cooking fumes, grease, and smells. The result? A clean and healthy environment for cooking your culinary masterpieces.


Pacific range hoods are not just about performance, they also excel in aesthetics. They are available in a variety of sizes to fit seamlessly into your kitchen design. Whether it’s an Under Cabinet range hood or a wall-mounted model, Pacific has got you covered.

The Size of the Range Hood

What Size Do I Need?

Before making a purchase, you must decide on the size of the range hood. Generally, the width of your cooktop or stove should dictate the size of the hood. Pacific offers a variety of sizes, providing the perfect fit for any kitchen.

The Golden Rule

To capture all the cooking fumes efficiently, your hood should extend 3 inches on each side of the cooktop. So if you have a 30-inch stove, a 36-inch hood will suffice.

Cleaning Range Hoods

How to Clean a Pacific Range Hood?

Keeping your range hood clean ensures it operates efficiently. The Pacific range hood’s auto-clean solution simplifies this process. However, you can also opt for a manual clean with warm, soapy water and a soft cloth. Remember to clean the oil cup and replace the light bulb when needed.

Importance of Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning keeps the range hood performing optimally and extends its lifespan. Ignoring this might lead to greasy buildup, hampering the hood’s performance.

Alternatives to Range Hoods

While Pacific range hoods are a great choice, it’s always good to be aware of alternatives. Brands like Fotile also offer quality range hoods. Nevertheless, Pacific stands tall with its competitive pricing and top-notch features.

Pacific Range Hood Replacement Parts

Pacific range hoods are built to last, but occasional wear and tear are inevitable. Thankfully, Pacific offers a variety of replacement parts, including light bulbs, oil cups, and other parts, ensuring your hood remains in prime condition.

Pacific Range Hood Reviews

Pacific range hoods have garnered numerous positive reviews for their efficiency, design, and durability. One such model enjoying customer favor is the Pacific TruSteam range hood, known for its auto clean feature.

Pacific Range Hoods and Modern Trading Co.

Modern Trading Co., a leading distributor of Pacific range hoods, ensures you receive the best quality products backed by excellent customer service.

Pacific Range Hood Installation

Installing a Pacific range hood is straightforward, especially with the detailed installation guide provided by the company. However, if DIY isn’t your thing, consider hiring a professional for the job.


Where is the Pacific range hood made?

made in Taiwan they have a UL and CSA certification Pacific Range hoods are manufactured by Pacific Range Hood Limited, a company based in Hong Kong. The company is known for its high-quality, durable products.

What is the most powerful kind of range hood?

Number 5 in our top The most powerful type of range hood is typically a professional or commercial-grade model. These units are designed to handle heavy smoke and fumes from professional cooking applications and typically have a higher CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) rating, which indicates the volume of air the hood can move.

What is the disadvantage of range hood?

While range hoods are generally beneficial, they do have some potential disadvantages. They can be noisy when operating at higher speeds, which might be disruptive. Some models can be quite expensive, both in terms of initial purchase price and installation costs. They also require regular cleaning and maintenance to stay effective and prolong their lifespan.

What is the proper distance range hood?

The optimal distance between the range hood and the cooktop can vary based on the type of cooktop and the manufacturer’s recommendations. Generally, for electric ranges, the hood is typically installed between 20-24 inches above the cooktop. For gas ranges, it’s often recommended that the hood is placed 24-30 inches above the cooktop. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure safety and maximum effectiveness.

Which hood brand is the best?

Determining the best range hood brand depends on specific needs and preferences such as power, noise level, style, features, and budget. Highly regarded brands include Broan, Zephyr, Cosmo, and Pacific, known for their quality, performance, and reliability.

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