What are Island Range Hoods?🤷‍♂️

Island Range Hoods, also known as suspended range hoods, are an important addition to any kitchen with an island or peninsula countertop. They are installed directly into the ceiling above an island-style stove or cooktop and feature powerful ventilation systems that are capable of pulling smoke and odors created by cooking and are a must-have for preparing food in the kitchen.

Top 10 Best Island Range Hoods🔝

Top Island Range Hood

#1 COSMO 668ICS750 30 in. Island Mount Range Hood

COSMO 668ICS750 30 in. Island Mount Range Hood with 380 CFM, Soft Touch Controls, Permanent Filters, LED Lights, Tempered Glass Visor in Stainless Steel

If powerful and efficient kitchen ventilation is what you seek, then this is exactly what you need. Crafted with care and cutting-edge technology, this range hood is designed to make life easier while adding a beautiful touch to your kitchen space. With a 380 CFM 3-speed fan and single centrifugal motor, this range hood quickly ventilates your kitchen without making too much noise – perfect for quieter cooking times! Experience true power and efficiency when you purchase the Cosmo 668ICS750 30 in. Island Mount Range Hood today!

  • A 3-speed fan with a single centrifugal motor quickly ventilates your kitchen without too much noise
  • The carbon filter kit allows for ducted-to-ductless operation
  • Dishwasher-safe and extremely durable ARC FLOW Permanent Filters simplify maintenance and reduce the cost
  • Made with cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials for an affordable price
  • Easy installation with flexible ducting included
  • 3-year limited parts customer support based in the USA
  • Not suitable for high ceilings, as the adjustable height is limited to 30.75 – 47 inches
  • Not compatible with all ducting systems; rigid ducting sold separately
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IKTCH 36"Wall Mount island Range Hood

The IKTCH 36″Wall Mount Range Hood is designed to be both powerful and elegant. Its ultra-quiet 900 CFM suction capability ensures the kitchen will be devoid of fumes and cooking smells in no time at all, leaving your kitchen fresh and clean for you to enjoy.

This range hood boasts a unique feature, an adjustable timer that can be set from 1 to 15 minutes, which automatically cleans up any residue from the air in your kitchen. This makes it easier than ever before to create a wholesome environment in your home with just the push of a button.

This island mount range hood is also composed of 1MM thick stainless steel panel making it stylish and durable, with a pure stainless steel color accentuating its elegant appearance even further. With gesture-sensing controls and keys without stains, this range hood completes any kitchen’s look while maximizing efficiency.

  • 3Powerful suction capability of 900CFM
  • An adjustable timer that can be set from 1 to 15 minutes
  • Stylish and durable 1MM thick stainless steel panel
  • Elegant, pure stainless steel color
  • Gesture sensing controls and keys without stains for easy operation
  • Ultra quiet noise levels with a minimum of 40dB and a maximum of 65dB
  • Installation is more complicated and requires professional help
  • Does not come with a wall mount attachment
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IKTCH Upgraded 36"Island Mount Range Hood,900 CFM Ducted Range Hood with 4 Speed Fan, Stainless Steel& Tempered Glass Range Hood 36 inch with Gesture Sensing&Touch Control Making life Smarter IKIS01-36

This one is the perfect addition to any modern kitchen. Combining the latest in design and technology, this range hood is composed of a glass panel and 1MM thick stainless steel panel that is sure to look more advanced than ever before. Now with gesture-sensing control and remote control capabilities, you can easily access your range hood without having to worry about staining the keys with oil or other liquids, perfect for busy chefs who don’t want to halt their cooking!

You’ll also enjoy the powerhouse performance of this range hood. Get ready to take advantage of 900 CFM suction power as it instantly absorbs fumes and cooking smells without leaving behind any residue. Perfect for large kitchens with plenty of cooking space and islands, you never have to worry about lingering odors again! Make your kitchen stand out from all the rest with the IKTCH Upgraded 36″Island Mount Range Hood today, you won’t regret it!👍

  • Gesture-sensing and remote control capabilities
  • 900 CFM suction power for powerful performance
  • Shock absorbing and stabilizing ring to reduce noise levels up to 65dB
  • Includes 2 matching stainless steel permanent range hood filters for effective grease separation
  • 1MM thick stainless steel panel looks more advanced than ever before
  • May not fit all kitchen configurations due to its size
  • Can be noisy at higher speeds when using a lower CFM fan
#4 AKDY Island Mount Kitchen Range Hood

AKDY Island Mount Black Painted Finish Stainless Steel Touch Panel Kitchen Range Hood Cooking Fan (30 in)

The AKDY Island Mount Range Hood is an essential part of any modern kitchen. The sleek and modern design not only looks great, but it will eliminate odors, smoke, and steam quickly and quietly. Combining a black painted finish with stainless steel gives this range hood both a professional and luxurious look.

This range hood features a powerful 194W motor with 1.5A power that creates minimal noise at 65 dB while eliminating steam and smoke quickly and efficiently. With four speed levels, you can adjust the suction power to your needs, choosing from low to high fan speeds.

It is developed for long-term usage and durability thanks to its stainless steel construction which provides a glossy finish and elegant overall look. Due to its minimalist design, it fits perfectly into any style of kitchen creating a modern yet sophisticated feel in the space.

  • The sleek and modern design looks great in any kitchen style.
  • A powerful 194W motor with 1.5A power creates minimal noise at 65db while eliminating steam and smoke quickly and efficiently.
  • Four-speed levels allow you to adjust the suction power to your needs, choosing from low to high fan speeds.
  • Durable stainless steel construction provides a glossy finish and an elegant overall look for long-term usage.
  • Baffle filters are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning which ensures perfect airflow and efficient ventilation of the entire kitchen area.
  • The fan switch is located on the side which may be difficult to reach for some users.
  • LED lights are not dimmable, therefore brightness cannot be adjusted to your preference.
#5 Hauslane Chef Series Range Hood

Hauslane | Chef Series Range Hood: 30" WM-739 Wall Mount Kitchen Fan | Contemporary Stainless Steel T Style Hood with Black Glass Panel | 3 Speed Touch Control Wall Mount | Vented or Ductless

Create a cooking atmosphere that is both stylish and efficient with this one that incorporates modern style and cutting-edge technology to make your cooking experience a breeze. With an Onyx black glass panel and buttonless touch panel, you’ll feel like a professional chef while keeping your kitchen chic and efficient. Conversations will never cease when you turn on the energy-saving LED lights that provide an eye-catching ambiance as you cook. When you’re finished, the 3-speed settings ensure optimal airflow as you clean up. The best part? The Chef Series’ easy maintenance baffle filters are dishwasher safe so you can keep it looking fresh quickly and easily. Let your kitchen reflect your keen culinary skills with the Hauslane Chef Series Range Hood: 30″ WM-739 Wall Mount Kitchen Fan – guaranteed to make every meal one to remember!

  • Stylish and modern Onyx black glass panel design
  • Easy-to-use buttonless touch panel
  • 3-speed settings for optimal airflow
  • Cannot be used for over 10-foot ceiling without an additional extension kit (Sold separately)
#6 FIREGAS 30-inch Kitchen Island Range Hood

FIREGAS 30 inch Kitchen Island Range Hood 450 CFM with Chimney, Ceiling Mount Kitchen Vent Hood with Tempered Glass,4 LED Lights, Permanent Filters, Premium Touch Control Panel, Includes Charcoal Filter

Enjoy superior performance and have full control over your cooking. This Island range hood 30 inches boasts a powerful 450 CFM, ensuring that all kinds of cooking styles are handled efficiently. The 3-speed exhaust fan allows you to easily control various levels and programs through its intuitive touch screen. Featuring a convertible range hood, this is designed to fit 6-inch round ducts or can be changed to a ductless range hood when paired with the charcoal filter included (CC170). You will enjoy high-quality, performance-driven products, as this island range hood is made with food-grade, durable, non-rusting brushed high-quality 430 stainless steel. Harness the power of the FIREGAS 30-inch and gain complete control over your cooking.

  • Made with food-grade, durable, non-rusting brushed high-quality 430 stainless steel material.
  • 2pcs dishwasher-safe and easily removable superior permanent filters capture grease from cooking use.
  • Modern styling to fit a variety of kitchen decors.
  • The ultra-quiet operation even at the highest speed.
  • Adjustable height up to 42” fits most ceilings.
  • 2-year limited warranty if you need tech support assistance.
  • Not compatible with commercial gas ranges.
  • Does not have a timer function.
  • Not suitable for high ceilings or vaulted ceilings as the height is adjustable up to 42” only.
#7 AKDY Island Mount Range Hood(30 in.)

AKDY Island Mount Range Hood - Black Stainless Steel Hood for Kitchen

Experience superior ventilation performance with the AKDY is state-of-the-art kitchen range hood is suited for professional chefs and aspiring home cooks alike, with its powerful 194W motor that boasts three-speed levels to control the intensity of air suction. Easy to operate and maintain, the AKDY Range Hood easily maintains a clean kitchen environment by eliminating steam and odor from your cooking projects. Its sleek black stainless steel material adds a stylish, modern look to your kitchen while providing superior durability and reliability. Invest in quality ventilation that lasts with AKDY’s Island Mount Range Hood.

  • Powerful 194W Motor with 3-speed levels to control the intensity of air suction.
  • Sleek black stainless steel material adds a stylish, modern look to your kitchen while providing superior durability and reliability.
  • Efficient filter with 2 mesh filters that are dishwasher safe ensuring perfect airflow and efficient ventilation of the entire kitchen.
  • Extremely quiet 1.5A motor keeps noise level under 60db and LED lights ensure the light you need for cooking tasks in your kitchen area.
  • May not fit all kitchen designs or dimensions due to size restrictions.
  • Fans can produce noise while operating at the highest speed setting
#8 COSMO COS-63ISS90 Island Range Hood

COSMO COS-63ISS90 Island Range Hood with 3-Speed Fan, 380 CFM, Permanent Filters, LED Lights, Soft Touch Controls, Ducted Kitchen Vent Hood Extractor, 36 inch, Stainless Steel

This one is the perfect option for any ambitious chef looking to take their cooking game to the next level. With cutting-edge technology and superior craftsmanship, you can be sure that your investment in this range hood will pay off with superior results. The 380 CFM offers an efficient airflow that clears odors and pollutants quickly and efficiently. And the Cosmo ARC-FLOW Permanent Filters stay strong while cleaning up even the toughest cooking messes; they’re also dishwasher safe, making cleaning time a breeze! Get all of these top-of-the-line features today – get Cosmo’s COS-63ISS90!

  • Efficient airflow with 380 CFM removes smells and odors quickly.
  • Durable, dishwasher-safe Cosmo ARC-FLOW Permanent Filters for easy maintenance and cost savings.
  • 2-watt LED bulbs that are long-lasting and provide bright, high-lumen lighting for better visibility while cooking.
  • 3-YEAR LIMITED PARTS with a customer support team based in the USA.
  • Easy to use Soft Touch Controls with timer and clock.
  • Premium 430 grade 18 Gauge stainless steel construction
  • No automatic shut-off feature.
#9 JOEAONZ Island Range Hood 30 Inch Ceiling Mount Stainless Steel Kitchen Vent Hood

JOEAONZ Island Range Hood 30 Inch Ceiling Mount Stainless Steel Kitchen Vent Hood, Touch Screen Control, Ducted/Ductless Installation Convertible, 3-speed fan switchable

Transform your kitchen with the JOEAONZ Island Range Hood 30-Inch Ceiling Mount Stainless Steel Kitchen Vent Hood. This modern design and practical range hood offers a size of 30 inches, making it perfect for island installation. With sharp stainless steel and clear tempered glass, your kitchen will sparkle with an air of sophistication. The touch-screen control creates an eye-catching addition to any décor while offering you convenient access to its powerful 700 CFM airflow. Enjoy effortless cleaning with two removable and permanent, dishwasher-safe stainless-steel filters that capture oil particles and keep your kitchen fresh. Additionally, four bright LED lights illuminate the area for a better food preparation experience. This one is perfectly suited for use with both pipe and recirculating installations; purchase the optional charcoal filter kit (sold separately: YYCF02) for extra protection against grease and odor build-up. Upgrade your kitchen today with this stylish range hood!

  • 700 CFM powerful airflow capacity for efficient ventilation.
  • #430 stainless steel and curved tempered glass body construction for durability and style.
  • A 3-speed fan with a digital touch control panel provides easy control over the range hood’s operations.
  • 4 x 1.5W energy-saving lights provide ample illumination while you cook in your kitchen
  • Convertible installation between ducted or ductless (with charcoal filter kit sold separately) options is available for flexible use in any home setup.
  • The initial installation might be more challenging than expected because of its large size and weight.
  • The touch-screen control panel requires some time to get used to
#10 Island Range Hood 36 inch 700 CFM

Island Range Hood 36 inch 700 CFM, 4 LED Lights 5-Layer Filters, Kitchen Hood Ducted/Ductless Convertible, 3-Speed Extractor Fan with Quiet Motor, Curved Tempered Glass in Stainless Steel

With the Island Range Hood 36-inch 700 CFM, you can enjoy a truly sophisticated kitchen style. Crafted from stainless steel with a sleek silver paint finish, this hood suits modern and traditional looks alike. Added to that, it packs plenty of practical features so you can cook up a storm. On the front button panel, there’s a powerful three-speed fan with a quiet motor and four LED lights that provide enhanced versatility. For ventilation, our rangehood boasts 700CFM airflow – perfect for those deep frying sessions. Plus, thanks to two five-layer aluminum mesh filters that capture oil particles, your kitchen stays fresher for longer.

  • 700CFM airflow provides powerful ventilation
  • The quiet motor produces low noise levels
  • 5-layer aluminum mesh filters to capture grease and oil particles, leaving a fresh kitchen environment
  • Adjustable chimney cover to fit high-ceiling kitchens
  • Silver paint finish provides a modern look suitable for traditional or modern kitchens
  • The three-speed fan allows you to choose the right setting depending on what you are cooking up
  • Includes installation accessories for easy setup
  • Installation can be complex and difficult.
  • Charcoal filters must be purchased separately.

Island Range Hoods Brands⭐

IKTCH, COSMO, AKDY, KITCHENAID, ZEPHYR, FIREGAS, JOEAONZ, HAUSLANE, and ANCONA are all prominent brands for top-notch island range hoods. These brands offer a myriad of options suited to various kitchen styles.

COSMO stands out for its variety of design and color options that can seamlessly integrate into any home interior. They offer range hoods that boast powerful, multi-speed fans and unique sound reduction systems for quieter operation. Their cutting-edge LED lighting guarantees an optimally illuminated cooking space.

AKDY Range Hoods also present a broad range of models that can complement different kitchen designs.

IKTCH is admired for its perfect blend of functionality and stylish aesthetics. Their range hoods are appreciated for their silent operation, energy-efficient lighting systems, variable fan speeds, and filter options. A standout feature of IKTCH is its Wi-Fi connectivity that allows the hood’s control from smartphone or tablet devices.

JOEAONZ is recognized for its powerful, yet quiet range hoods that have stainless steel baffle filters. These filters outclass mesh filters in efficiently capturing grease particles, while their advanced ventilation systems expediently and silently eliminate smoke and odors.

Lastly, JOEAONZ stands out with its high-quality island range hoods designed specifically for modern kitchens. With stylish design features such as curved glass edges and smart user interfaces for easy fan speed control, JOEAONZ range hoods offer unmatched performance without compromising on style or convenience.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Range Hood?🙄

When you’re in the market for an island range hood, several crucial factors can guide you to the ideal addition for your kitchen.

🔹 The dimensions of your desired range hood are paramount. For kitchens with an island-style setup, a range hood with a minimum width of 36 inches is advisable to ensure effective air circulation throughout the kitchen. Make sure to measure your stovetop’s height and choose a range hood that extends a few inches above this. This extension enhances the hood’s ventilation efficiency.

🔹 Next, the type of fan motor in the hood is another significant factor. Island range hoods come with either an internal or external blower motor. Generally, internal blowers provide more power, eliminating smoke and odors nearly nine times faster than their external counterparts. But remember, they’re noisier. If quiet operation is a priority, consider an externally equipped model.

🔹 Lastly, the aesthetic appeal of your range hood should also be a consideration. Modern range hoods offer a variety of styling and finish options. Some models feature integrated lighting fixtures that lend a warm ambiance to your kitchen while maintaining optimum ventilation.

Moreover, hoods with stainless steel finishes or other modern designs can add a contemporary flair to your kitchen. These visually pleasing options don’t compromise air filtration efficacy or air movement capacity.

Selecting an Island Range Hood for Your Kitchen Can be a Wise Decision 📝

Range Hood Expert
Patrick Smith

Island range hoods, also known as ceiling mounted hoods, are designed specifically for kitchens with an island cooktop. These range hoods are unique because, unlike wall-mounted or under-cabinet range hoods, they hang from the ceiling above your island, becoming a focal point of your kitchen.

The key difference between island range hoods and others lies in their installation and ventilation path. They are installed over the island and vent through ductwork in the ceiling, as opposed to wall-mounted or under-cabinet hoods which vent through ducts in the wall.

They're often used in open-concept kitchens where the cooktop is positioned on the island, making them a practical and aesthetic choice. Each brand offers unique features like different fan speeds, noise reduction systems, lighting options, and designs. These aspects allow homeowners to choose an island range hood that complements their kitchen decor and meets their functional needs.

So, if you love cooking in a well-ventilated kitchen and prefer your cooktop in the center of the kitchen, an island range hood would be an excellent choice. It provides efficient ventilation while enhancing the overall aesthetics of your kitchen space.

If you still have questions, send them to my email!

Our Choice✅🔝1️⃣

#1 COSMO 668ICS750 30 in. Island Mount Range Hood with 380 CFM

COSMO 668ICS750 30 in. Island Mount Range Hood with 380 CFM, Soft Touch Controls, Permanent Filters, LED Lights, Tempered Glass Visor in Stainless Steel

Island Mount Range Hood is an ideal choice for kitchens of all sizes. This powerful range hood features a 380 CFM blower, soft-touch controls, permanent filters, LED lights, and a tempered glass visor in stainless steel.

  • ✔ For starters, the island mount range hood has excellent ventilation capabilities with its 380 CFM motor that helps to expel smoke and other airborne cooking odors quickly and effectively.
  • ✔ The soft-touch control panel makes it easy to select fan speed levels or turn on the light while you are cooking.
  • ✔ The permanent filters can be easily removed and cleaned after use, ensuring your kitchen remains fresh at all times.
  • ✔ In addition to its exceptional performance, this island mount range hood also offers some great aesthetic benefits as well.
  • ✔ Its stainless steel body provides a sleek look to blend seamlessly into any kitchen design while its tempered glass Visor adds an elegant touch from above.
  • ✔ The integrated LED lights help illuminate your stove top perfectly for added convenience when cooking in low-light conditions.

Overall, this one is an excellent choice for anyone looking to add functionality and style to their kitchen space without sacrificing performance or price point. Its powerful motor combined with convenient features such as its LED lighting and soft-touch control panel makes this a truly attractive option for any home cook!


Are Island Range Hoods Effective?

Island range hoods are highly effective at ventilating your kitchen. They work by pulling in airborne cooking odors and steam, trapping them in permanent filters, and then expelling them outside of your home. This helps to keep your kitchen smelling fresher and prevents smoke and other pollutants from lingering in the air. Furthermore, island range hoods equipped with powerful motors offer superior ventilation capabilities compared to other types of range hoods. For example, the COSMO 668ICS750 30 in. Island Mount Range Hood features a 380 CFM blower that can quickly expel smoke and airborne odors from your kitchen within minutes. With LED lighting providing added convenience for cooking in low light conditions, this island mount range hood is an effective choice for any home cook!

How Big Should My Island Range Hood be?

When choosing the size of an island range hood for your kitchen, there are several factors to consider.

Firstly, you want to make sure that the hood is large enough to effectively vent out cooking smoke and fumes from your stove.

Secondly, you need to consider the size of your kitchen island countertop – if the hood is too big or too small, it won’t look aesthetically pleasing or fit properly.

For larger islands with wide stoves (or multiple cooktops), a larger hood is recommended. Generally speaking, a hood should span at least two-thirds of the full width of your stovetop. If you have a 36” stovetop, for instance, then a 24”-30” wide hood would be ideal. On the other hand, if your island is relatively small and your stove is narrower than 36″, then a range hood between 18″ and 24″ in width could be sufficient. In terms of height, most range hoods are approximately 30″ tall. You should measure both the height of your countertop as well as the total vertical space available above it before making your purchase decision. This will help ensure that you select a hood that fits correctly into your kitchen space without any issues.

Finally, consider the power requirements for your chosen island rangehood– many models require powerful fans to adequately vent smoke and other odors out of your home. Most standard models come with ventilation systems capable of handling 200-400 CFM (cubic feet per minute) but more powerful options can reach up to 1,000 CFM or higher depending on what type of cooking activities you plan on doing in your kitchen.

How Far Should the Island Range Hood be From the Stove?

When it comes to the optimal distance between an island range hood and stove, the standard is typically between 24-30 inches. This allows for sufficient air circulation while still keeping the hood close enough to capture smoke and other particles. The ideal height of the hood should be no higher than the ceiling, as this can reduce its effectiveness in capturing steam and smoke. It is important to keep in mind that because of their overhead orientation, island range hoods may require more powerful motors than wall-mounted models. When selecting an island range hood, make sure it is rated for a larger area than your stove so that it will effectively capture any cooking odors or fumes. Additionally, consider noise levels when selecting a model; some high-performance models can generate quite a bit of sound. Lastly, look for a model with additional features that can enhance convenience and performance such as LED lighting, motion sensors, and automatic shutoff timers.

How High Should the Island Hood be Above Range?

The recommended height for an island range hood is 26-30 inches above the cooking surface. It should be mounted no higher than two feet from the ceiling and no lower than 18 inches above your stovetop to ensure proper ventilation and capture smoke, steam, and odors efficiently. For maximum performance, a hood should cover all burners of your range with at least a three-inch overhang on each side.

How Does an Island Range Hood Work?

An island range hood works by sucking in smoke and cooking odors from the air, filtering them through a charcoal or other filter for odor removal, and then expelling them outside the home. It does this by using a powerful electric fan that pulls air into one side of the hood, passing through filters to remove particles and smell before being expelled outward. The process helps keep kitchen areas clean and free from smoky or unpleasant odors. Additionally, most island range hoods include lights that make it easier to see when cooking at night or in dark conditions.

How do I Choose an Island Range Hood?

When looking for the perfect island range hood for your kitchen, there are a few important factors to consider. First, you’ll want to determine what type of ventilation system you need. Most range hoods use either ducted or recirculating ventilation systems. A ducted system vents the air outside while a recirculating system filters and circulates it back into the room. You should also consider how much power you need – how powerful is your stovetop burner and how often will you be using your range hood? If you’re expecting to use it frequently, look for an island range hood with high CFM (cubic feet per minute) of suction that can efficiently remove smoke and odors from your kitchen. Additionally, noise levels should be taken into account when selecting an island range hood; some models are quieter than others, so make sure to check the decibel rating before purchasing. Finally, aesthetics can play a role in choosing an island range hood as well; look for one that complements the style of your kitchen and fits comfortably within your budget.

How do You Position an Island Range Hood?

Positioning your island range hood should take into account the size of the kitchen, ceiling height, and cooktop location. Generally speaking, installing the island range hood between 26-30 above the cooking surface is best. It should also be mounted so that its edges are flush with the countertop or extended up to a maximum of 4″. Finally, when installing an island range hood make sure it is centered in front of your cooktop for optimal airflow.

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Maria Delaney
Maria Delaney
4 months ago

The COSMO 668ICS750 30 in. Island Mount Range Hood is a lifesaver. We have a very busy kitchen here at Cedarwood Fine Dining, and this range hood has made a huge difference in maintaining a clean, smoke-free environment. Plus, it’s incredibly quiet, which is a major advantage in a bustling kitchen. Highly recommended!