Let me introduce Brand Sakura!

Sakura Brand

Are you familiar with the sensation of walking into your kitchen only to be greeted by the lingering smell of last night’s dinner? Sakura Range Hoods have got your back. These high-end range hoods, renowned for their exceptional quality and performance, can keep your kitchen air fresh and clean. But how did Sakura make a name for itself in the market?

History of Sakura

Founded in 1988, Sakura has grown from a small company into a respected global leader in kitchen ventilation products.

Sakura’s Philosophy

Sakura’s philosophy is simple: to provide customers with high-quality products that enhance their daily life while ensuring user-friendliness and durability.

Our Top 7 Sakura Range Hood👍

#1 Sakura Hairline Stainless Steel Under Cabinet Range Hood R747-II-30HS

Sakura R747-II-30HS

The Sakura R747-II-30HS 30″ Hairline Stainless Steel Under Cabinet Range Hood is an embodiment of both function and style, designed to ensure efficient kitchen ventilation. Its elegant, brushed stainless steel finish seamlessly blends with various kitchen aesthetics, making it a sophisticated choice for modern kitchens.

Equipped with dual, high-performance exhaust motors, this Sakura Range Hood comes with a two-speed rocker switch, offering an impressive extraction capacity of up to 710 CFM. This robust system effectively eliminates smoke, grease, and lingering cooking odors, maintaining a fresh and pleasant atmosphere in your kitchen.

One notable feature of this range hood is its proprietary filtration system. This patented technology works tirelessly to ensure that your kitchen environment remains clean and free from airborne contaminants. Additionally, the maintenance process is simplified with dishwasher-safe stainless steel baskets and rear plastic cups for easy cleaning.

On the front of energy efficiency, this Sakura Range Hood incorporates CFL light bulbs, reducing energy usage and contributing to a greener environment. The product dimensions are 23.25″D x 29.75″ W x 6.5″H, and it comes with a 30-day return, refund, or replacement policy, offering peace of mind with your purchase. Opting for the Sakura R747-II-30HS Range Hood means choosing a harmonious blend of aesthetics, power, and functionality for your kitchen.

  • Quality Material: The range hood is made of hairline stainless steel, suggesting durability and a sleek look.
  • Positive Customer Reviews: There are positive reviews about the product, with a customer stating it’s a “Great product” and that customer service is good.
  • Under Cabinet Design: The under-cabinet design can help to save space in the kitchen.
  • Installation: A customer review indicates that installation was “no more difficult than expected”, implying that some degree of installation difficulty might be there.
#2 Sakura White Under Cabinet Range Hood, R747-II-30W

Sakura R747-II-30W

The Sakura R747-II-30W 30″ White Under Cabinet Range Hood is an exceptional kitchen appliance that marries elegant design with superior functionality, offering a notable enhancement to your culinary endeavors. This range hood, boasting a powerful extraction capacity of 710 CFM, utilizes dual exhaust motors and a two-speed setting to ensure the optimal removal of cooking smoke and odors.

A standout feature of this model is its whisper-quiet ventilation system, producing a noise level of only 2 to 4.5 sones, ensuring your kitchen maintains a tranquil ambiance even when in use. Furthermore, it’s an energy-conscious choice, employing compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) bulbs to provide ample lighting while keeping energy consumption to a minimum.

This range hood features a proprietary 3D vane guard filter system, specifically designed to trap and remove airborne grease effectively. Cleaning and maintenance are effortless, with dishwasher-safe stainless-steel baskets and rear plastic cups included.

Exhibiting a modern aesthetic, the white painted finish and dimensions of 23.25″D x 29.75″ W x 6.5″H add a sleek touch to any kitchen décor. Backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty and a 30-day return, refund, or replacement policy, this product instills confidence in your purchase.

Rated highly by customers with a 5-star rating, this under cabinet range hood is supplied by Easy shop-Canada and is set to enhance both the functionality and aesthetic of your kitchen. Priced at $299.99 with a delivery fee of $112.95, this high-demand item is in limited stock. So, act fast and upgrade your kitchen today with this superb range hood.

  • Space Efficient: Being an under cabinet range hood, it doesn’t take up a lot of space and is perfect for smaller kitchens.
  • Mechanical Buttons: These offer easy and tangible control over the hood.
  • Dual AC Motors: Might provide better power and efficiency.
  • LED Lights: Useful for illuminating the stove area while cooking.🥘
  • Maybe a little noisier at higher speeds, but still awesome for its price.
#3 Sakura Range Hood (R-8168F) with Sensor - Stainless Steel

Sakura (R-8168F)

The Apone Sakura R-8168F 36″ Range Hood, with an integral sensor, is an indispensable kitchen asset that stands out with its contemporary stainless steel finish. Apone, the brand behind this product, is celebrated for its commitment to crafting durable and top-quality kitchen appliances.

Weighing in at 43 pounds and showcasing package dimensions of 38.5 x 27.5 x 9.5 inches, this range hood is designed to fit seamlessly in a variety of kitchen settings. Its signature feature, the stainless steel finish, delivers a polished and professional aesthetic to any kitchen space.

The integration of a sensor significantly enhances the functionality and user experience of this range hood. Plus, for additional customer assurance, this product is covered by Amazon’s Voluntary 30-Day Return Guarantee, offering peace of mind with your purchase.

Currently priced at $715.92, this Sakura range hood is available for delivery at an extra charge of $95.95, with an estimated delivery window between July 3 – 14. Due to high demand, only 3 units are remaining in stock, so make sure to place your order promptly to avoid disappointment.

As of the current date, this product has not yet garnered customer reviews. This presents a unique opportunity for you to be one of the first to review this range hood, sharing your insights and experiences with potential customers. Your feedback will be invaluable in helping others make well-informed purchase decisions.

  • Maybe a little noisier at higher speeds, but still awesome for its price. High-End Design: This range hood boasts a stainless steel finish which can bring a sleek and modern look to your kitchen.
  • Sensor Feature: The inclusion of a sensor might add to the product’s convenience and efficiency, automatically adjusting settings based on your cooking needs.
  • Return Policy: This product is eligible for return, refund, or replacement within 30 days of receipt, which provides some purchase security.
  • Sold by a Small Business: This product is from a small business, so purchasing this item could help support small businesses.
  • Pretty Expensive
#4 Sakura R-838

Sakura R-838

Presenting the Sakura R-838 30″ Stainless Under Cabinet Range Hood – a blend of power, efficiency, and elegance tailored for your kitchen. This appliance boasts a potent 700 CFM exhaust vent, driven by dual AC motors and two centrifugal turbo fans. Capable of eliminating not only smoke, steam, and odors, but also bacteria, the Sakura R-838 is especially suited to stir-fry cooking environments.

Constructed from stainless steel, the Sakura R-838 exhibits a slim design with gracefully curving edges for a sophisticated, modern aesthetic. Its compact dimensions of 21″D x 29.75″ W x 6″H make it an ideal fit for apartments and condominiums. In addition, the range hood features warm white and bright LED lighting, improving visibility over your cooking area while providing energy-saving benefits.

Among its special features, you’ll find a 3D grease-trapping system, an aluminum filter, an oil collector, and dual LED lights. The package includes 2x 3D fan guards, an aluminum filter pack, 2 front oil cups, 2 rear oil cups, and a smoke baffle.

While customers praise the Sakura R-838 for its powerful extraction capabilities, a few points are worth noting. Some users have found the fan operation slightly loud, and assembly is required. The cost of installation may vary. The filter can be removed for cleaning, but this does require unscrewing the setting screw. Despite these minor considerations, customers appreciate the overall performance of the product and the competitive pricing provided by Amazon.

Please note: Returns, refunds, or replacements are available within 30 days of receipt. Don’t delay, secure your Sakura R-838 today.

  • Powerful Exhaust: The unit boasts a 700 CFM exhaust vent capacity, which ensures a strong suction ability to eliminate smoke, grease, and odors from your kitchen.
  • Lighting: Equipped with dual LED lights which would be helpful for better visibility while cooking.
  • Dual Motors: This range hood features dual motors, enhancing its performance and efficiency.
  • 3D Grease-Trapping: The 3D grease-trapping feature can help maintain a cleaner and more hygienic kitchen environment.
  • Aluminum Filter System: Aluminum filters are typically easier to clean and more durable than other filter types.
  • The price might be considered high for some customers
#5 Sakura R-828 Stainless Under Cabinet Range Hood|700 CFM Exhaust Fan|LED Light|Dual AC motors|Mechanical Buttons

Sakura R-828

The Sakura R-828 30″ Stainless Under Cabinet Range Hood is an upscale kitchen essential that promises superior functionality. This range hood’s powerhouse features dual AC motors and a 700 CFM exhaust fan, effectively purging smoke, steam, odors, and bacteria from your cooking space, and maintaining a clean and fresh environment. Further enhancing its usability, this hood is outfitted with LED lights for optimal visibility and mechanical buttons for user-friendly control.

A key feature that sets this range hood apart is its patented grease trapping filter. This innovative design delivers a staggering 90% separation of grease from fumes, streamlining the cleaning process for maximum efficiency. Additionally, the grease collected from cooking conveniently drips into a removable tray, which, along with the filters, is dishwasher safe.

Constructed from stainless steel and showcasing an oil-rubbed finish, the Sakura R-828 Range Hood measures 22.75″D x 29.75″ W x 6.5″H. The appliance operates at a noise level of 65 dB and is equipped with front and rear oil cups. Designed to accommodate both top and rear venting, it requires a 120V/60Hz power supply and a duct size of 6″ round.

Garnering high praise from customers, this product boasts an impressive 5-star rating, a testament to its quality and customer satisfaction. User reviews highlight its powerful extraction performance, particularly in the context of stir-fry cooking, and its energy-efficient design. Given its stellar performance and glowing customer feedback, the Sakura R-828 Range Hood is an excellent choice for upgrading your kitchen.

  • Stainless Steel Design: The material is durable and will likely last a long time.
  • 700 CFM Exhaust Fan: This means it has a high capacity for venting air, making it a powerful range hood.
  • LED Light: This feature can provide better visibility when cooking.
  • Dual AC motors: It has two motors, which could potentially offer more power and longevity.
  • Mechanical Buttons: These might be more straightforward to use for some people compared to touch controls.
  • Free Shipping: According to the page, it qualifies for free delivery.
  • Lack of Advanced Features: Compared to some other models, it doesn’t seem to offer advanced features like digital controls or auto cleaning.
#6 Sakura Range Hood U3-R 30-inch, Stainless Steel

Sakura Range Hood U3-R

Regrettably, as there are no customer reviews presently available for the Sakura Range Hood U3-R 30-inch Stainless Steel, a review-based product description cannot be provided. Nonetheless, I can offer a comprehensive outline of the product itself:

The Sakura Range Hood U3-R, a premium 30-inch stainless steel under-cabinet hood, is expertly designed to efficiently extract smoke, steam, odors, and bacteria from your kitchen environment. Equipped with high-powered, whisper-quiet dual motors and a superior extraction capacity of 680 CFM, this range hood delivers exceptional performance while maintaining a peaceful kitchen atmosphere. With its top vertical 6″ ducting and Teflon-coated non-stick fans, this range hood inhibits grease accumulation within the hood, ensuring cleanliness and sustained efficiency.

This Sakura model distinguishes itself with the inclusion of four rear vents for enhanced suction and integrated oil-trapping cups that deter grease from infiltrating the hood. For easy maintenance, both the cups and aluminum filters are detachable and dishwasher-friendly. Moreover, this model features a front smoke cover that effectively re-directs smoke and steam, enhancing its overall performance.

Ensuring the highest standards of quality, all parts of the Sakura Range Hood are produced at Sakura Taiwan. Your purchase is protected with a 1-Year Limited Warranty, and return, refund, or replacement options are available within 30 days of receipt, offering peace of mind with your investment.

  • Teflon coated non-stick fans help prevent grease buildup inside the hood, making it easier to clean.
  • The hood includes top vertical 6″ ducting, which is standard for many kitchens.
  • The dimensions (29 3/4″ x 25″ x 7″) are compact enough for most under cabinet installations.
  • All parts are made at Sakura Taiwan, implying consistent and reliable quality control.
  • Comes with a 1-year limited warranty.
  • Strong suction power with 4 rear vents for additional suction.
  • Built-in oil trapping cups.
  • Delivery time might be long

Why Choose a Sakura Range Hood?🙄

Choosing a range hood isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. It plays a pivotal role in maintaining the quality of air in your kitchen. Here’s why Sakura stands out.

Powerful Extraction Capabilities

Sakura range hoods come equipped with robust motors capable of powerful extraction. The lingering smells of onion, garlic, or spicy dishes are no match for these range hoods.

Exceptional Design Aesthetic

Sakura doesn’t just prioritize functionality. They understand the importance of aesthetics too. Sakura range hoods feature sleek and contemporary designs that are sure to complement any kitchen decor.

Reliability and Durability

Sakura range hoods are built to last. They are constructed with high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology, ensuring they stand the test of time.

Variety and Flexibility

Whether you have a compact kitchen or a spacious one, Sakura offers a wide range of models to suit various kitchen layouts and cooking requirements.

Installing a Sakura Range Hood

Here’s a video of the installation process:

  1. Prepare the Workspace: Ensure you have a clean, clutter-free area to work. Disconnect the power to your kitchen to ensure safety during installation.
  2. Remove the Old Hood: If there’s an existing range hood, remove it carefully. You may need to disconnect the venting and any wiring.
  3. Measure and Mark: According to the installation guide of your Sakura model, measure and mark where the range hood will go. Make sure it’s centered over the stove.
  4. Drill Holes: Drill the holes where the range hood will be anchored. If you are attaching it to the wall or cabinet, make sure you are drilling into studs or solid wood for a secure fit.
  5. Prepare Wiring: If your Sakura range hood requires wiring, you’ll need to prepare the wiring from the wall. It’s recommended that this is done by a certified electrician to ensure safety.
  6. Attach the Range Hood: Lift the range hood into place and secure it with screws in the holes you’ve drilled.
  7. Connect Wiring: Connect the range hood to your home’s wiring following the manufacturer’s instructions. Again, if you’re not familiar with home wiring, it’s best to hire an electrician for this step.
  8. Attach Venting: If your range hood vents to the outside, you’ll need to attach the venting according to the instructions provided. Make sure all connections are secure.
  9. Finalize the Installation: Once everything is attached, turn the power back on

Frequently Asked Questions🗨

What is the CFM capacity of a typical Sakura Range Hood?

The CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) capacity, which represents the power of the fan, can vary among models. However, most Sakura Range Hoods offer a CFM capacity between 680 and 710, ensuring the powerful extraction of smoke, steam, and odors.

How easy is it to clean a Sakura Range Hood?

Sakura Range Hoods are designed for easy maintenance. They feature detachable and dishwasher-safe aluminum filters and oil-trapping cups. Moreover, the non-stick fans coated with Teflon prevent grease accumulation, making cleaning a breeze.

Can I install a Sakura Range Hood myself?

While self-installation is possible, it is recommended to have your Sakura Range Hood installed by a professional to ensure it is fitted correctly and safely. This also helps optimize the performance of the hood.

What warranty comes with a Sakura Range Hood?

Most Sakura Range Hoods come with a 1-Year Limited Warranty that covers any manufacturing defects. It’s advised to check the specific warranty terms for the model you’re purchasing.

What are the energy requirements for a Sakura Range Hood?

Sakura Range Hoods typically require a 120V/60Hz power supply. Some models also feature energy-saving LED lights, adding to the product’s energy efficiency.

How quiet is a Sakura Range Hood during operation?

Sakura prides itself on creating range hoods that are both powerful and quiet. Noise levels can vary among models, but most operate at around 65 dB, which is comparable to a normal conversation. This ensures a peaceful cooking environment.

Remember, each Sakura Range Hood model might differ slightly in terms of features, installation requirements, and specifications. Always refer to the product manual or consult with the manufacturer or seller for the most accurate information.

What do our Experts Think about Elica?

Range Hood Expert
Patrick Smith
Upon an in-depth analysis of the various Sakura range hood models highlighted on this page, it's evident that each model encapsulates a unique blend of functionality, aesthetics, and durability, a combination that underlines Sakura's brand ethos.

The Sakura R747-II-30HS captures attention with its refined brushed stainless steel finish and potent exhaust motors that deliver a formidable extraction capacity of up to 710 CFM. Its patented filtration system, coupled with energy-efficient CFL light bulbs, promotes both an immaculate and environmentally conscious cooking environment.

In comparison, the Sakura R747-II-30W model carries similar power in extraction, but carves its niche with its whisper-quiet ventilation system, which sustains a serene kitchen atmosphere. Additionally, this model also embraces energy efficiency with its CFL bulb and features the unique 3D vane guard filter system - a testament to Sakura's commitment to innovation.

Lastly, the Sakura R-828 maintains the same powerful extraction performance, but with an added layer of user convenience through mechanical button controls and improved visibility courtesy of the LED lights. The patented grease trapping filter of this model, offering an impressive 90% grease to fume separation, marks a significant stride in easy maintenance.

Reflecting on the Sakura brand as a whole, there's no denying the company's dedication to manufacturing range hoods that harmonize durability, efficiency, and user-friendliness. Nonetheless, potential customers should keep in mind that the high performance may correlate with increased operational noise, and the price tag may appear steep for some. As a professional reviewer, I encourage prospective buyers to weigh these considerations against the numerous advantages Sakura range hoods offer.

If you still have questions, send them to my email!
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